Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

   I want to express my appreciation to the O’ Fallon Community Choir, director Debbi Varner, accompanist, Melissa Rost for the exceptionally beautiful Christmas Concert on Sunday Dec. 4 at the First Baptist Church. To Leslie Bohle addition of the Oboe (excellent addition) what wonderful talent we have here in Baker and the surrounding area.

   When looking for something to do, keep this annual concert in mind for next year. It is as professional as you will find anywhere.

   The Choir also dedicated this concert in memory of Ruth Wang for her dedication to the Choir for some thirty years.

   Also the ladies of the First Baptist Church served a wonderful variety  of Christmas cookies along with a variety of cheese, crackers etc.

   Thank you to all for your dedication to this event which was the 38th Annual Concert. I try to attend this concert each year.

   Barbara Olind, Baker