Back to School Hoe Down

   Wednesday night the teachers, staff, students, parents, trustees, and community members came to see what all the ruckus was on the track field.

By Jessica Paul

There were wagon rides courtesy of Scott and Josie Rieger as well as Cody and Andrea Rieger. Pulling this wagon was a beautiful old John Deere tractor that Darin and Nicole Buerkle provided. For dinner our crew had pulled pork sandwiches served by Mrs. Walker, Nicole Buerkle, Jill Hildebrand and Mrs. Benner along with some delicious Dutch oven cobblers made by Mr. Benner. The kids enjoyed a variety of games while the adults visited. Those attending the supper enjoyed viewing the six bale creations, watching the rope making and looking over the chuck wagon. The planning and executing of many details by Mrs. Benner and Mrs. Walker made this amazing festivity possible, along with the support from many other helping hands.