100 Years Ago

Fallon County Times Successor to the Fallonite

Printed weekly at Baker, Montana, in the interest of the people.

Butte H. Tipton, Publisher

Entered at the Postoffice at Baker, Montana,

as Second Class Matter

Two dollars the year, strictly in advance

  The Fallon County Times is 100 years old the week, May 25,2016.

   Following are a couple of stories from back then.

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100 Years Ago Hotel will be finished soon

   Negotiations are now underway whereby the financial difficulties which beset the Baker Hotel corporation will be smoothed out and the building completed.

   Everyone is pleased at this announcement. The new hotel will be a credit to the city.

   In the hands of careful and conservative financiers the affairs of the company will soon be adjusted to the satisfaction of everyone who has invested money in the enterprise or who has filed attachments against the property.

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City levies tax current year

   At the regular semi-monthly meeting of the council Tuesday eve, presided over by Mayor Barstow, a resolution was passed fixing the levy on city property for the fiscal year ending the first Monday in May, 1916.

   The levy as provided for in the resolution is as follows:

General and Contingent – 3 mills; Street and Alley – 4 mills; Lighting Fund – 3 mills; Interest and Sinking fund – 4 mills; Park Improvement – 1 mill.

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Baker, the City of Opportunity

   Baker is being advertised to the world in most attractive manner through the splendid booklet recently issued by the Baker Chamber of Commerce.

   Throughout its pages are depicted in the most truthful manner possible, viz: by photographs, busy scenes in and about the city, portraying bustling activity and prosperity.

   The descriptive matter is written in a forceful yet entertaining style, without the bombastic, rhetorical effusiveness characteristic of similar publications.

   Standing out in bold relief, embossed in gold on the front cover, is the trenchant motto – Baker the City of Opportunity – that will be widely advertised to thousands of men and women in whose hands the booklet may fall.

   The writer of the booklet believed “the truth about Baker is good enough and stuck to it”.

   In his opening lines we find: “It sometimes happens, in the process of empire building, that one community is especially favored; that the riches surrounding it and contained in its soil are so copious that Nature appears to have made it one of her principal depositories. There are few places more favored in this respect than is that part of Fallon County, Montana, of which the City of Baker is the center.”

   The officers of the Chamber of Commerce, and particularly President Price and Secretary Bamford and Messrs. Wintermute and Burns, to whom a large part of the literary work is accredited, deserve the thanks of everyone for their faithful service to the community.

   Of course every business man who contributed toward the booklet deserves credit too, but the good that will eventually accrue will far outweigh the dollars that it cost.



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