O’Fallon Community Choir Christmas Concert

Photo by Mark Jacobsen
Photo by Mark Jacobsen

   The O’Fallon Community Choir presented their 37th annual Christmas Concert Dec. 6 at St. John’s Catholic Church in Baker. The Choir is under the direction of Debbi Jo Varner with Melissa Rost on the piano. The Choir also performed at Fallon Medical Complex Long Term Care Nov. 30 and Superior Care Villa Dec. 2.

   A wide variety of music was performed by the Choir this season. Following are the chosen selections: “Gloria Fanfare” by Jerry Estes; “Born ‘Neath a Star” by Cynthia Gray; “Come Follow That Star” by Nancy Price and Don Besig; “An American Christmas Portrait” by Roger Emerson – soloists Karol Zachmann and Jon Smits; “What Can I Bring” by Russ Borchardt and Stan Pethel; “The Memory of Christmas” by Lloyd Larson; “Still the Holiest Night/Still, Still, Still/O Holy Night” arr. Philip Kern; “A Christmas Celebration” arr. by Warren Barker; “Merry Christmas To Us All” by Carl Strommen.

   Choir members are Traci Bruha, Sam Castleberry, Elsie Efta, Tim Efta, Lisa Espeland, Isabelle Jacobsen, Raenette Kendall, Tom Kendall, Barb Klang, Karen Losing.

Wayne Mangold, Harold Miller, Don Nygaard, Jasmine Qualley, Lorena Qualley, Brian Rustad, Keith Rustad, Jerry Schell, Brenda Schweigert, Dale Schweigert.

   Jon Smits, Samantha Smits, Rolph Tunby, Debbie Veroye, Karol Zachmann and Steve Zachmann.

  This year the O’Fallon Community Choir honored Father Tobin for his years of support he has given to the Choir. Some of the best gifts are the ones that make us feel good. The O’Fallon Community Choir works very hard to give this free gift of music every. We truly appreciate the community’s support.