Gotta Question?

Pencil and Questionmark  

  Q. After attending the Dawson County Fair the last few years, I have observed their Fair Board setting up stages for concerts, selling tickets and taking tickets at the gate, and cleaning up after events. Why doesn’t Fallon County’s Fair Board do some of this instead of hiring it all out? The money saved on wages could be put back into the Fair.

   A. The Fallon County Fair Board is very busy. There is a lot of behind the scenes work the public does not see. The Fallon County Fair Board is a working board. We definitely put in the time.

   Two weeks prior to the Fair, Pat cleaned vendor buildings and restrooms. Jerrid was on the grounds every day since the first of July getting the new rodeo arena ready. Wanda started working on the rodeo program two weeks prior to the fair. These three members were also there from Monday before the Fair working alongside the crew until the week after the Fair.

   The other two board members have full time jobs, but they work with the employees before and during the fair as much as they can.

   Also, Pat takes care of the carnival and vendors; Courtney and Lani take care of the stage entertainment; and Wanda and Jerrid take care of the rodeo and 4-H. Our days start at 7 a.m. and end at 2 a.m. for three of the days.

   Something to remember, we are a volunteer board that works very hard to give Fallon County a fantastic Fair.