Back to School Transportation Safety

   The long, carefree days of summer will be ending soon, and children will be heading back to the classrooms.

Submitted by Eileen Reddick

Custer County Buckle Up Coordinator

Take a few moments to review some traffic safety pointers with your children – whether they are just starting kindergarten or are old enough to enroll in driver’s education. Safety is not negotiable. Everyone should take time to practice safety.

backtoschool chalk

   Drivers, slow down and watch for small children darting into the streets. Children are unpredictable. They aren’t always aware of how dangerous moving vehicles can be. Their minds are occupied with other things. Drivers, plan ahead and leave home early enough so you can avoid the pressure of trying to hurry. Make time for safety.

   Everyone in the vehicle should use seatbelts or child safety seats. Remain buckled up until the vehicle is parked. Never carry more passengers than there are seatbelts in the vehicle. A seatbelt holds the driver behind the wheel when something unexpected happens. This enables the driver to remain in control of the vehicle.

   Rear seat passengers need to be buckled up, too. Unrestrained passengers can fly around the vehicle in the event of a crash, striking and severely injuring other occupants.

   With a little planning, back to school transportation can be made relatively safe.