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Q: Why isn’t the website for the Baker School district updated? Most of the information is incorrect or for last year.

Answered by Scott E. Anderson, Tech Director – Baker Public Schools, Business & Computer Science Instructor

A: First and most importantly, I am the one ultimately responsible for any and all information on the Baker High School website as stated in Board Policy under the web publishing guidelines. The proper way for an individual to notify the district of an error is to call the main office and/or email me directly. In order to be able to make the needed changes, we ask that people are specific as to what page and item(s) on the page need correcting. This can help streamline the process to get the issue resolved ASAP.

The entire district tries hard to make sure all information is correct. The site is currently managed and maintained by the Computer Applications III (Web Design) Class. As with all classes, not every assignment submitted from a student is one hundred percent correct on the first try and as such, can cause delays in correcting or updating some information. One other item to draw attention to is upcoming changes. I mentioned the website is currently managed by students because we will be pulling it out of the class and undergoing a major redesigned process that we started earlier this school year. We are also getting close to going live with a social media page as well as different mobile app options, but all of these are still in the planning stage.  Our anticipated go live date for all these changes is August 10, 2018.

Why is it that the Baker High School website is not always up to date, or has information from a previous year?” Simple! It is part of the educational process. I am a firm believer that schools need to use every square inch of their facilities to help enhance the educational process.  The public should be encouraged that when this is the case and students are being used, to be a little more patient and be willing to provide positive, constructive criticism and suggestions. It is disappointing when as an educator, I have to share a complaint with a student and it is phrased as a direct attack on their work, rather than a request to have a correction made. We need to all take a step back and remember it takes a village to educate a child. As for the website, when a student has one-hour block for class time, roster updates, schedule changes, and multiple pages to update, delays occur often due to a number of reasons that are dealt with between the staff, class teacher, and student. Athletic items are normally not updated until about two weeks prior to the first game, as schedules, rosters, and other items have not been finalized or released to the class to post. I assure everyone, that all complaints are addressed but sometimes the error may not get fixed. If this is the case, please submit the complaint again, as it helps us track progress and makes you a contributor to the educational process. We encourage it!

Thank you!


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