Law Enforcement

Baker Police Department

•Dec. 25, 2017 – Dec. 31, 2017 – 14 traffic stops: 4 traffic stops; 3 vehicle unlocks; 3 public assists; 2 agency assists; 2 law enforcement information reports resulting in further investigations; proactive patrols of the schools, businesses, and residential areas.

Anyone with any information on any area crime is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 406-778-2222.

From the Bench

Justice Court

•Lucky Lee Carroll, Marmarth, N.D., forgery, value exceeding $1,500, dismissed by Prosecution without Prejudice, filed in District Court, ticket issued 12/1/17.

•Edward D. Koehn, Galva, Kan., speeding on non-interstate, exceed day limit of 70 MPH, 96/70, bond forfeited $120, ticket issued 12/21/17.

•Joshua Russel Moore, Laurel, speeding on non-interstate, exceed day limit of 70 MPH, 78/70, bond forfeited $20, ticket issued 12/18/17.

•Jeffrey Lynn Teague, Baker, aggravated driving under the influence, 2nd offense, fine of $2,585, jail of 365 days with 350 days suspended on conditions for one year (12/27/18), attend, complete and comply with a Chemical Dependency Assessment and follow all recommendations of the Licensed Addiction Counselor and pay for all associated costs with one plus years of monthly monitoring to be determined by the Licensed Addiction Counselor, report by 1/31/18 complete by 6/30/18, loss of Driver’s License by the State of Montana for one year to be determined by the State of Montana, restricted probationary license recommended only with the installation of the ignition interlock device. The Defendant is restricted to driving only a motor vehicle equipped with a functioning ignition interlock device during the probationary period and shall pay the costs of leasing, installing and maintaining the device, Scram Remote Breath monitoring plus costs for one year, ticket issued 12/22/17.

•Jeffrey Lynn Teague, Baker, careless driving, fine $85, ticket issued 12/22/17.

•David Norbert Mark Turch, Lorton, Va., speeding on non-interstate, exceed day limit of 70 MPH, 78/70, bond forfeited $20, ticket issued 12/13/17.

City Court

•Bryon Patrick Wiman, Baker, fail to carry proof or exhibit/insurance in vehicle, owner or operator, 1st offense, dismissed by Court per Defendant providing proof of valid insurance on the date and time of the citation, ticket issued 6/23/17.


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