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Last spring the Fallon County Times released a story about the suspension of a teacher and coach. Superintendent Jon Wrzesinski stated that an internal and external investigation was initiated involving interviews of fifty people.

Q: 1. Did these interviews include current students? If so, were parents of these students contacted and efforts enacted to counsel these students?

Q: 2. The end of the article states that further investigation is warranted. In the interest of protecting students, what are the results of the investigation?

Answered by Baker Public School

A: The allegations pertained to Sid Parini. Working with the District’s legal counsel, the District conducted an investigation into allegations described above. The investigator concluded:

Coach Parini is a friend, mentor, and father figure to many. He is well established in the Baker community through his teaching and work at the aquatic center over the past thirty-five years. I perceived a desire to protect Mr. Parini in many of the interviews I conducted. Players who worked at the pool and trusted friends were careful in choosing their words when answering my questions. Players created a fear of retaliation by telling teammates not to lie, but also not to get coach in trouble. Suggestions that allegations were made by a select few with ulterior motives were expressed by some. Many people justified coach’s actions with phrases like: that’s just coach, that’s how he has always been, that is what it was like when I was a student.

Twenty-three of fifty individuals interviewed felt uncomfortable by Coach Parini’s actions or words. Four others initially felt uneasy, but adjusted to the pervading acceptance of his behavior. Adults and students stated Mr. Parini cannot talk to you without touching, but excused the behavior because it has been going on for forever. This attitude supported reluctance to report the inappropriate behavior. Expectations and jokes of massages buffered Mr. Parini’s behavior and allowed it to continue. Students felt it would be futile to report the behavior because nothing has been done in the past. At least three individuals suggest Mr. Parini was made aware his actions make female students uncomfortable, however no formal documentation can be found. There is no evidence to suggest any behavior other than that outlined above has occurred.

Superintendent Wrzesinski began preparations to ask the Board of Trustees to terminate Mr. Parini’s employment. Ultimately, the District accepted Mr. Parini’s resignation and entered into a resignation agreement with him.

Mr. Parini did not return to the classroom or to coaching after the allegations arose.


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