Law Enforcement

Baker Police Department

•proactive patrols of the residential, business, and school areas.

Anyone with any information on any area crime is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 406-778-2222.

From the Bench

Justice Court

•Christopher John Curry, Veneta, Ore., drive on closed road/trail on State Land, bond forfeited $285, ticket issued 11/5/17.

•Kenneth P. Wiman Jr., Baker, stop sign violation, bond forfeited $85, ticket issued 11/13/17.

City Court

•Stephen James Schatz, Baker, partner or family member  assault, causing bodily injury to partner or family member, 1st offense, fine of $685 with $300 suspended on conditions for one year (11/20/18), jail of 365 days with 364 days suspended on conditions for one year, credit for 1 1/2 days served prior to sentencing, attend and complete a minimum of 40 hours of counseling with an assessment focusing on violence and controlling behavior, dangerousness and chemical dependency with a drug and alcohol evaluation, report by 12/1/17 complete by 4/1/18, ticket issued 10/22/17.


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