John Deere Ag Expo

On Wednesday, Nov. 8, members of the Plevna FFA headed to Bozeman with advisor, Mr. Isaacs, and chaperone, Gina Carroll. On Thursday, members competed in Jr. and Sr. Agronomy, Jr. and Sr. Mechanics, and Job Interview, after which they attended the Montana FFA Foundation dinner with keynote speaker, Jay Hill, a New Mexico farmer, who discussed being raised in a family that did not actively farm, but explained how he was able to become a multimillion-dollar farmer. He started with nine acres, deciding to grow onions on every acre. Now he raises onions, hot peppers, alfalfa, cabbage, and pecans on 14,000 owned and leased acres.

On Friday, members competed in the Jr. and Sr. Quiz bowl, Jr. Livestock Judging, Jr. Creed, Creed, Conduct of Meetings, and Vet Science. When our FFA members were not competing, they enjoyed socializing in the MSU Student Union, playing pool and bowling with 1,500 other FFA members from across the state of Montana. After a long day of competition on Friday, they headed for home.                                                                                                

FFA members at the John Deere Ag Expo.

  Results for John Deere Ag Expo Events:

Conduct of Chapter Meetings – 1st place team out of 9 teams; (Dacy Buerkle, Jenna Paul, Hadyn Mellon, Jesse Isaacs, Ashley Sander, Bret Edgell and Trinity Rieger).

Jr. Agronomy – 1st place team out of 33 teams; (Jesse Isaacs – 1st, Dacy Buerkle – 2nd, Ashley Sander – 3rd, Trinity Rieger – 5th, Wyatt Isaacs – 8th, Seth Carroll –  33rd, Hadyn Mellon – 42nd, Nick Buerkle –  51st out of  96 individuals).

Sr. Agronomy – Jessica Paul 106th out of 195 individuals.

Jr. Quiz Bowl – 1st place team out of 32 teams; (Hadyn Mellon, Jesse Isaacs, Trinity Rieger and Ashley Sander).

Jr. Ag Mechanics – 6th place team out of 49 teams;  (Seth Carroll – 17th, Jesse Isaacs – 46th, Nick Buerkle –  55th, Bret Edgell – 61st, Wyatt Isaacs – 68th, Hadyn Mellon – 95th out of 172 individuals).

Sr. Ag Mechanics – Jessica Paul 195th out of 264 individuals.

Veterinary Science – 7th place team out of 45 teams; (Seth Carroll –  45th, Jenna Paul – 58th, Dacy Buerkle –  64th, Jessica Paul – 80th out of 248 individuals).

Jr. Job Interview – Bret Edgell 16th place individual.

Jr. Livestock Evaluation – 12th (tie) out of 60 teams; (Dacy Buerkle –  17th, Wyatt Isaacs – 30th, Seth Carroll – 123rd, Nick Buerkle – 143rd out of 238 individuals).

Congratulations to all participants! Your hard work and practice served you well!