Commissioner Proceedings

MONDAY, NOV. 13, 2017


PRESENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman; Deb Ranum, Member; Roy Rost, Member and Brenda Wood, Clerk & Recorder



9:00 AM   No one appeared for Public Comment.


Commissioner Rost made the motion to approve the Commission Minutes for the week of November 6-9, 2017, with corrections. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion; being none, 3 Ayes.  0 Nay. The motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Rost made the motion to amend a portion of minutes from October 3, 2017. The Commission was notified Dee Dee Geving and Jeff Greenlee were not present at 9:29 AM as stated in the minutes, October 3, 2017. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion.  Commissioner Baldwin asked for further discussion, being none. 3 Ayes. 0 Nay. The motion carried unanimously.  Clerk and Recorder apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.   


Commission reviewed emails; letters; various revenues received; various Department Reports; Board Minutes; Agendas; signed Temporary Easements which were placed on record in the Clerk and Recorder’s office; reviewed the information request letter; reviewed the blank easement prepared by the County Attorney.

10:00 AM  ROAD DEPARTMENT UPDATES/Alba Higgins, Shop Foreman; Bobby Wiedmer, Road Supervisor;


Equipment – Alba discussed repairs made to various pieces of County equipment.

Blades – Waiting on parts for one of the blades.

Wings – Ordered stabilization pipes for the snow wings.

Senior Bus – Alba would like to order (3) used or after-market rims for the new Senior Bus to be used for spare and winter tires. Alba will contact Carla Brown, Council on Aging Coordinator and discuss this first. Commission agrees it is a good idea to have extra rims.

Oil – Discussed finding some place to take used oil.

Buildings – The contractors are working on the County Road Department buildings.

Kenworth trucks – Trouble-shooting issues with the regen system for trucks that are out of warranty. Two (2) of the three (3) trucks are starting to use oil.

10:13 Alba left the meeting.


Roads – Pine Creek Road is finished; Shell Oil Road should be finished early this week and they will then start on School House Road.

Fair Barn – Worked the sand at the Fair Barn and will also be packing it.

Car gates – Will be cleaning some car gates this week.

Easement Road – Commissioner Ranum discussed a landowner that would like their Easement Road bladed.  Bobby will drive the road first.

10:20 AM Bobby left the meeting.

10:25 AM Commissioner Baldwin was excused for the day.


10:35 AM Smith Contracting letter/Shannon Hewson, Brosz Engineering and Darcy Wassmann, County Attorney

Letter – Shannon stated a change order was received from Western Municipal for dewatering the Baker Lake (part of Smith Contracting’s contract). Discussed completing the price adjustment as soon as the punch list is complete.  Shannon will make changes to the letter and mail to Smith.

NBWS Drainage – Commissioner Rost suggested moving the drainage ditch to County property.  Private Landowners in North Baker are not interested in giving easements to the County for this project.  Shannon will check on the width that would be needed to place a storm drain, costs associated with the project and other needs associated with the project.

11:14 AM Darcy left the meeting.

Herbst Industrial Subdivision – Discussed options for streets in the Herbst Industrial Addition; a Public Hearing would need to be held if the Commission decided to abandon some of the streets and avenues.  Discussed reserving an area on County property for future drainage purposes.  The County would be responsible to maintain approaches for any remaining County streets.  The Commission will review this further when Commissioner Baldwin returns.

10:28  AM Chuck Lee, DES/911 Coordinator joined via conference call.

Tom Barnard and Tom Bush, FEMA Representatives will be in Baker, Wednesday afternoon to view the Lake Project. Shannon will contact Baker Lake Project Contractor to let them know of their arrival.

10:32 AM  Chuck hung up, thereby leaving the meeting.

Lake Project – Contractor is hauling from the debris area and this is going well, other than it is a little soupy in the Iron Horse Bay area. Shannon is still working with the drivers on speed issues. The State of MT-DOT contacted Shannon regarding the appropriate work zone signage. The state sent specifications of allowable placement locations.

11:55 AM Shannon left the meeting.

12:00 PM Commissioner Rost made the motion to recess until 3:00 PM. Commissioner Ranum stepped down from the Chair to second the motion. Commissioner Ranum asked for further discussion; there being none.  2 Ayes. 0 Nays. 1 Absent. Motion carried.

12:00 PM  RECESS


PRESENT: Deb Ranum, Member; Roy Rost, Member; Brenda Wood, Clerk and Recorder

ABSENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman



PRESENT: Deb Ranum, Roy Rost and Barbara Ketterling, Canvassers; Kathy Newell, Elections Clerk

Ward 1 Ward 2


455 456


Nicole N. Benefiel                                 

78 81

Anna K. Straub

247 226


0 2


325 309

All totals match the Unofficial Election Results.

3:06 PM Kathy and Barbara left the meeting.

3:29 PM  COUNTY LEASE REVIEW/Darcy Wassmann, County Attorney

The group reviewed the draft County Lease provided by Darcy.  Suggestions were made during the review process.

3:53 PM Tom Kachel-Landfill Manager, joined the meeting.

3:58 PM The group will further review suggested changes to the draft lease when Commissioner Baldwin returns.

3:59 PM Darcy stated she needs to have the Commission close the meeting.

4:00 PM Meeting Cancelled

4:00 PM Tom left the meeting.

4:00PM Commissioner Rost made the motion to convene to Executive Session. Commissioner Ranum stepped down from Vice-Chair to second the motion. Commissioner Ranum asked for any discussion; there being none. 2 Ayes. 0 Nays. 1 Absent. Motion Carried.


4:29 PM Commissioner Rost made the motion to come out of Executive Session. Commissioner Ranum stepped down from Vice-Chair to second the motion.  Commissioner Ranum asked for any discussion; there being none. 2 Ayes. 0 Nays. 1 Absent.  Motion Carried.

4:29 PM Darcy left the meeting.

4:30 PM LANDFILL OPERATIONS-UPDATES/Tom Kachel, Landfill Manager

Compost – Discussed using compost to break down animal waste and for cover at the Landfill. Commissioner Ranum asked if it was possible to bury the animal waste.  Tom stated it takes up too much room and further stated we may have to quit accepting animal waste if they are not able to make enough compost for decomposing purposes.   

Tub grinder – Tom stated he plans to use the tub grinder for grinding pallets only, due to the continual damage caused by underlying debris in the brush piles. Currently, the Landfill Crew is pushing up the brush and crushing it with the dozer.

Reports – Tom brought various reports for the Commission to review.

Tires – Discussed renting the machine viewed in Glasgow to shred tires and brush. Commissioner Rost discussed a Co-op with other Counties to share the cost. It was felt the County would break even (rent vs tire disposal revenues). Discussed the best time of year to rent the shredder and setting up a meeting with the owner of the tire shredder.

Scale quotes – Tom presented more scale quotes for the Commission to review.

Brush – Discussed using the tire grinder to pre-shred the brush and using the tub grinder to make smaller pieces for composting purposes.   

New Landfill sign – Tom would like to have power placed to the new sign, rather than relying on battery packs.  It was felt the cost to place the line would be approximately $200.00. Tom will get a quote and place a “Call before you dig” phone call.

Old Fire truck – The Commission asked Tom if he would have a use for an older fire truck at the Landfill. Tom stated yes, our Landfill is one of the few that does not have a truck for fire suppression.  Tom stated it could also be used to water the compost pile for faster decomposition. The Commission will discuss this further with Commissioner Baldwin when he returns.

5:06 PM Tom left the meeting.

5:07 PM Commissioner Rost made the motion to recess until Wednesday, November 15th. Commissioner Ranum stepped down from Vice Chair to second the motion. Commissioner Ranum asked for further discussion; being none. 2 Ayes. 0 Nays. 1 Absent. Motion carried.



10:00-12:00 NOON  KEYSTONE PIPELINE, LP Pre-Bid Meeting-Keystone Pipeline LP Pre-Staging Road



2:00 PM LAKE TOUR/Tom Bush, FEMA Representatives; Roy Rost, Commissioner; Shannon Hewson and Jon Brosz, Brosz Engineering


s/Steve Baldwin, Chairman

s/Deb Ranum, Vice-Chairperson


s/Brenda J. Wood, Clerk and Recorder