American Lutheran Church scavenger hunt

The American Lutheran Church junior high confirmation class and Pastor Scott Keihn are pictured with donations for the Community Cupboard that was retrieved during a scavenger hunt throughout the community.

Thirty junior high students from the American Lutheran Church participated in a scavenger hunt to retrieve donations for the Community Cupboard. Local residents were hospitable in donating to the youth, even when several stopped by the same residence throughout the game.

The youth had a specific list of items to retrieve to win the game. One resident kindly said she had just bought some cooking oil that day but she supposed she could give it to the scavenger hunt so that group could cross it off their list. The item that was most difficult for the youth to retrieve was dish soap since most people buy it as they need it and do not stock it in their pantry. One mother went to the grocery store to retrieve some dish soap in order for one group to complete their list.

Pastor Scott Keihn told the youth that there would be a prize for the first group that completed their list and returned to the church. Just as it started to rain, loads of kids, with the spoils of their hunt, returned to the church.

After surveying the donations and seeing which youth completed their list, Pastor Keihn shared the parable of the workers in the vineyard from Matthew 20. In the end, every student was given a candy bar as a prize, not just the first team. The donations were taken to the Community Cupboard.