Speech & Drama Kickoff Meet in Miles City

By Devon Solberg

The Baker Spartan Speech and Drama team traveled to Miles City last weekend to act and debate their hearts out. The team groggily left Baker at 6 a.m. to make it to the first round at 8:30 a.m. Even though they were extremely tired, they did very well. Much of the team made it to finals and placed very high.

Casey Wyrwas, who placed 6th, made the whole crowd tear up in Dramatic Oral Interpretation. Rachel Rost made the crowd laugh till they cried and came away with 3rd in Humorous Oral Interpretation. Tannon Dukart was able speak his way into 3rd in Extemporaneous. Taylyn Dukart debated her heart out and claimed 6th in Lincoln Douglas debate. Devon Solberg made the crowd laugh out loud as he clinched first in humorous solo.

This meet was some of the sophomore’s and freshmen’s first meet of their whole career.  Even though some team members did not make it to finals, they are still a force to be reckoned with and will improve over their season.

Hannah Goerndt and Olivia Gunderson did very well in humorous duo for their first meet. Zachery Craig went up against the second best competitor in the state for Lincoln Douglas debate and he did very well. Jalynn Hanes also made the crowd laugh while she did Humorous Oral Interpretation. The sophomores, Jolyn Rost and Marissa Leivestad, made the crowd roll with laughter in Humorous Duo; Dani Rost also made the crowd crack up in Humorous Oral Interpretation. Overall the team did very well for their first meet. The team travels to Glasgow on Friday to compete.