150+ Years of Service in Hunting Party

l-r: Ted Baer, Andy Paul, Bob Neumann, Frank Maresco, Gary Barnes at Cabin Creek Cafe.

Baker resident, Bob Neumann, recently hosted a group of hunters who were nearly all career military men and/or veterans. Some rough math done by the group came up with nearly 170 total years of active and reserve unformed service. Enjoying the good opening week weather, and the incredible numbers of game seen were:  Colonel Jon Neumann, USA;  Colonel Frank Maresco, USAR; Captain Andy Paul, USN(retired); Master Chief Gary Barnes, USN(retired); First Sergeant Ted Baer, USA (retired); and Chief Warrant Officer Jerry Ketchum, USN (retired).  The group was also joined by 16 year old Jake Williams of Hickory, N.C.  The running joke among the hunters, was that despite all the senior Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers present, they were all taking instructions from Bob who attained the rank of Private First Class during his WWII service! We appreciate land-owners: Clint Ehret, Bruce Ketchum, Alec Collie, Dennis Rath, and Claude Ware for permission to hunt their properties in the Milk Creek area of Southwest Fallon County. Regardless of tags filled/unfilled, the entire group thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality found all around Baker.