Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Fallon County Commissioners are responsible for managing the funds of Fallon County, including the various department budgets. We take this task seriously and try to budget money for necessary operations as well as amenities and decor to make Fallon County a place we can be proud of.

The Commission has a recording secretary that drafts minutes for review and approval by the Commission. The Commission takes full responsibility for the minutes that are adopted, including the content and appearance of the minutes. We have recently decided to adhere closer to Robert’s Rules of Order to simplify the minute taking and approval process. We expect the recording secretary to record when people come and go so we can track who is in a meeting at any given time. Any feelings or appearance of unfairness or imbalance in the minutes falls back on the commission and not the recording secretary.

The Commission approves each department’s budget and every department is allowed to spend their budget on the corresponding purchases for their budget line-items. Once a budget is approved, the department head may spend within the approved budget in order to meet the needs of their department. We have implemented a practice of having the departments submit proposed expenditures in excess of $2,500 prior to incurring the expense so the Commission may review department expenditures throughout the fiscal year.

In a previous answer to the Gotta Question column, it was alleged that the Parks Department has committed waste and misuse. We apologize to the Parks Department Manager for that representation. We have approved the Parks budget and that department is not under investigation for misuse of county funds or equipment. We understand renting equipment is a necessary part of that department when we don’t have equipment to accommodate the tasks. The Parks Department Manager did come in and request a purchase of a skid steer in order to avoid rental charges; it was denied so renting equipment was necessary. We understand that sometimes equipment is used intermittently during a project and managing rental equipment can be a challenge.

Signed by Rost Rost, Steve Baldwin and Deb Ranum, Oct. 3, 2017