America’s Muralist leaves mark on town once more

Raine Clotfelter, a retired US Navy Officer and Illustrator Draftsman, from Branson, Missouri has been at it again.

The new mural created by Raine Clotfelter at the Fallon County Museum was completed September 30.

By Angel Wyrwas

Raine Clotfelter, a retired US Navy Officer and Illustrator Draftsman, from Branson, Missouri has been at it again. Painting the town that is. Known as America’s Muralist, Raine has completed over 100 large murals nationwide.  Baker is already home to several of his masterpieces including Prairie Rose Classics, Steer Montana and the Lakeview Baptist Church.

Raine’s newest work can be seen at the Fallon County Museum. Not in the museum but on it rather. “When the museum suffered damage from last year’s hail storm,’ said Kenny Griffith, Historical Society President, “we knew that Raine would have to come repaint Steer Montana since the metal siding had to be replaced on one of the museum buildings.”

In June, Raine and his wife, Trisha, returned to Baker to complete the project. “The metal siding that had the original mural had indentations from the hail,” said Raine, “however, the hail did not damage the paint on the mural. Some locals picked up the original mural pieces and put them up in a different location in town. We touched it up and clear coated it again.” Now everyone traveling through Baker on Highway 12 will be able to enjoy the Steer Montana mural.

After finishing the new Steer Montana mural at the museum, Raine was commissioned to do another painting. “The south building had quite a bit of hail damage,” said Griffith. “Insurance was going to pay for the building to be repainted so the Historical Society met with the Commissioners to work out what kind of mural we could put on the building.”

After Raine gave them several designs, the Commission and Historical Society decided on one that encompassed the beginning of Fallon County with the railroad, farming and ranching and a nod to prehistoric preservation in the area. The brilliantly colored 30ft and 60ft mural walls were finished September 30.

“We are very happy about this project,” said Griffith. “Eventually the Historical Society would like to have another piece done on the south side of the museum with a list of the charter members. The museum is such a great asset to the community and the Society wants to highlight that value.”



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