Farmers Union Cenex on target to open November 1

By Angel Wyrwas

Residents have been watching the expedited construction of the new Farmers Union Cenex at the corner of Hwy 12 and 3rd St. West as they drive through town. “The project has been going well,” said Travis Mashak, general manager. “The construction crew has been working seven days a week. We are on schedule to open the first of November.”

The new building sports a clean modern look. “The tile is done, including the floor to ceiling tiled bathrooms,” said Mashak. “The crew is busy painting inside right now.”

The 5,200 sq. ft. spacious convenience store will have a 13-door cooler for soda, beer and milk. “We’ll be able to have cases of pop,” said Mashak, “and some grocery items. We will also be able to run specials after the new building opens.”

Mashak says food is going to be a big deal after they open. “We will have a deli and a Mexican food concept called Naughty Chili Taqueria,” he said. “They have Street Tacos, customizable Burritos, signature sauces & salsas, Burrito Bowls and destination breakfast.”

Cenex will also carry the Baker Boys line of fresh baked donuts, sweet rolls and pastries. And they have planned a large seating area for people to enjoy their food as well. “For our other food,” said Mashak, “we use fresh hamburger and fresh eggs, as many fresh products as we can.” Cenex will still offer the f’real milkshakes, smoothies and frozen cappuccino.

The building and its upgrades are not the only new thing residents can expect. There shouldn’t be any lines with the four new gas islands, totaling eight fueling stations. Another island will house diesel fueling stations, complete with high-speed pumps and remote fill. Trucks will be able to fill on both sides simultaneously to save time. DEF fluid will be offered at the pump. One dyed diesel pump will be located across the street as well as extra parking.

Preparing for increased business, Cenex will operate two checkout tills. They are seeking additional employees to fill new positions before opening.