Gotta Question

    Q: When it states Closed Session, isn’t that what it means? Closed Session! When you approved the minutes for the week of  March 18, why did you approve them and publish the person’s name? Doesn’t this leave the county open for a lawsuit?

This question was sent to the Fallon County Commissioner June 6. The Fallon County Times has still not received an answer at this time.


   Q: Several times in the Commissioner minutes it shows one member challenging the accuracy of the minutes or abstaining from voting. Why are not the reasoning for the challenge or abstention recorded so that a fair representation of the dispute can be permanently maintained?

   The County has spent a lot of money on the Concession Stands at the fairgrounds. The May 15, 2017, minutes indicate the cost is $100,000 over budget. Why is the County spending so much money on fairgrounds?

These two questions were submitted to the Fallon County Commission on Aug. 15. Our office still has not received an answer on either question at this time.