Sander Family Fishing

On Saturday, Aug. 12, the Sander family from Plevna, was fishing at Fort Peck after salmon. Carson, age 11, hooked up a silver and dark green spoon, and had just moved over to the mouth of Duck Creek and set up. The boat was traveling at a speed of 1.8 mph with the rigging at a depth of 112 feet, when he had a bite! He set the hook and started reeling, with the help of his big brother Dylan, age 19, he landed his biggest fish ever a 20 lb. salmon! Then on Sunday, Aug. 13, Dylan, using a purple squid, at a boat speed of 2.0 mph and a depth of 100 feet, had a bite! Dylan set the hook, fought his fish and ended up with a 22.5 lb. salmon! Dylan’s fish was caught out from the Fort Peck Marina, towards the dam. A good time was had by all.

Carson Sander caught a 20 lb. salmon on a recent fishing trip.
The next day, Dylan Sander caught a 22.5 lb. salmon.