Prather sentenced ten years to Department of Corrections

By Angel Wyrwas

Twenty-year-old Alysa Prather was sentenced August 8 in District Court for drug charges. Prather was charged with two felony counts of criminal distribution of dangerous drugs in January of this year after an investigation of the death of a minor led to the discovery that Prather was selling and/or giving away her prescription medication.

Prather had pled guilty in June to both counts of criminal distribution per a plea agreement.

The prosecutor, Attorney Darcy Wassmann, asked that Judge Nicholas Murnion sentence Prather to ten years, saying the statute provides for stiffer penalties when minors are involved. When she changed her plea Prather admitted she had sold Adderall, Xanax and Tramadol to individuals that were minors.

The defense suggested a ‘time served’ sentence for Prather, citing a report filed with the Court pertaining to a doctor’s evaluation of Prather’s mental health. Prather has been held in jail since her arrest in January. Defense Attorney Tim Lohrmann told the judge that it was the doctor’s finding that Prather didn’t need incarceration but she needed mental health services.

After careful consideration of mandatory minimums for each charge, Judge Murnion sentenced Prather to the Department of Corrections for ten years with six suspended for Count 1 and ten years with six suspended for Count 2 to run concurrent with Count 1. Judge Murnion gave Prather credit for the 211 days of jail time served and recommended that she be screened for the Passages program where Prather would receive chemical dependency and mental health services and six months of pre-release program.

“These offenses are serious,” said Judge Murnion. “She distributed drugs in the Baker community and there was a death as a result of persons she distributed to.”

Prather was remanded to the custody of the Fallon County Detention Center until such a time as she can be transported to the Department of Corrections.