Lost in the Lake

“I lost my wedding ring in 1991 while riding in Rory Ketterling’s boat,” said Barb Ketterling. “I was dangling my hand over the side, feeling the waves and it slipped off my finger. I didn’t realize it until after we loaded the boat! I was always hoping someone would catch a fish and fillet it and find my ring.”

“During my time in Baker,” said Steve Stevenson, “I lost a pair of shades, a shoe or two and some fishing hooks.”

“I lost a pair of glasses just before eighth grade graduation in 1976,” said Montana Dawn.

“We were boating one summer and lost Boomhower’s boat anchor straight off of Iron Horse Park,” said Danielle Fisher.

“I lost my glasses on the 4th of July thirty years ago,” said Phillip Randash.

“Neal Hanley dropped his grandpa’s snowmobile through the ice on a 40 degree below day. Got the snowmobile back thanks to Search and Rescue and thankfully Neal only came out with very cold fingers,” said Rita Hanley.

“I was around six years old and my cousin and I were building sand castles at the lake,” said Andrea Koenigsfeld. “Some kid was throwing rocks (lost rocks) in the lake so I shouted, ‘Stop that, you could hit someone on the head!’ Two seconds later…boom, right on my head…thirteen stitches later. When I was older I lost a phone in the lake but I dove in until I found it. It still worked!”

Tana Taylor lost her class ring, yet to be found.

“Michael Holiday got glasses and a week later the kids were playing on the dock. Needless to say, the glasses didn’t make it home,” said Jamie Holiday.

“We lost the front end grill (we can see it now in the lake) off an old Engesser tractor during the tormado,” said Gaye Sander. “It had been around our tree.”


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