Firefighters volunteer long hours in July

With almost no precipitation throughout the dry summer season it is no surprise that volunteer fire departments have been working extra hours.

On July 10 the Baker Fire Department was called to a smoke sighting east of Baker that fortunately turned out to be a false alarm. “We were unable to find any sign of fire around the area,” said Fire Chief Tom Bruha. “Of course we like that outcome.”

On the 13th of July the Baker Fire Department was paged out at 11:30 a.m. for a downed power line on Coral Creek Road. The powerline electrocuted three cows and a calf and burned half and acre of grass.

The Plevna Fire Department responded to a structure fire July 19. “We were called to a house fire,” said Fire Chief Kalyn Bohle. “The fire was caused by wiring in the attic. There was rafter and smoke damage.”

The Baker Fire Department provided mutual aid to Plevna Fire District with three trucks for a wild land fire on the 20th of July. The fire was caused by lightening and burned approximately 1350 acres. They were also called out that day to provide mutual aid to Custer County for a wild land fire. Three Baker firefighters were released after 32 hours work to help contain the Basin Creek Fire located south of Miles City.

Baker supplied mutual aid to Carter County on July 25 at 3:30 a.m. Lightening started the fire, located on land just outside the Fallon County line. Fourteen firefighters, seven grass rigs and two tenders responded. The fire burned 56 acres.

Later that day both Baker and Plevna Fire Departments responded to the Coffee Pot Trail fire 15 miles west of Ekalaka for mutual aid.

On July 28 the Baker Fire Department was called to a fire two miles northeast of Baker. A hawk was caught in a power line and 1.35 acres of grassland were burned.

The Plevna Fire Department was called to a grassland fire west of Ismay on July 29. The fire burned 20 acres.

At 7:45 a.m. on August 1 the Baker Fire Department was called to a fire 3 miles north of Ollie. A baler that caught fire was a total loss and ½ acre of grass was burned.