Commissioner Proceedings

MONDAY, JULY 24, 2017

8:30am CONVENE

PRESENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman, Deb Ranum, Member; Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk

ABSENT: Roy Rost, Member



No one appeared for public comment.

8:40am Commissioner Rost joined the meeting.


Commissioner Rost made a motion to move into Executive Session. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nays. The motion carried.

9:09am Commissioner Ranum made a motion to move back into Open Session. Commissioner Rost seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nays.  The motion carried.

9:10am Lynda Herbst, Inside Maintenance Supervisor joined the meeting.

Discussion on whether an additional person on staff needed to acquire a boiler license. Commission decided an additional boilers license is not necessary.

9:14am Lynda left the meeting.

9:15am Dustan Davis, IT/Computer Tech joined the meeting.


IT was called in last night by dispatch as the CJIN went down and is still down. It is believed that Century link cut a fiber optic line somewhere.  Most of eastern MT is affected by this.

The server with the network drive is almost full. The drives need increased, Proficient Technologies quote is for $2,000.00 and 2 servers; Dustan quoted a price from NewEgg for $800.00 and 4 new hard drives.  Commission approves the $800.00 quote for purchase.

GoDaddy, who hosts our website also offers unlimited storage and email accounts.

Everything is being migrated to the new server; it is encrypted and filtered, will be moving everyone to email accounts. After the migration we will be able to get rid of the Mid-Rivers accounts.

Discussion on the Cybersecurity training and implementation meeting later today. Decision is to  postpone this afternoon’s meeting.

9:30am Dustan left the meeting.

9:30am Jason Rittal, County Development Advisor and Kimberly Jensen, A/P Clerk joined the meeting.


Reported that on the Stanhope Project there is a 30 day wait for one of the test results.

The press release on the lake is ready to go to the media.

Victory Ins. wants to do a debrief on the legislative session.  Jason will be gone next Friday.

Jason has received some questions on the cleaning procurement documents about what is provided and what is supplied on the health dept. cleaning contract.

Decision is that paper supplies and can liners will be provided by the county.


The walk around with Kruger on the windows is completed and a couple were missed, but they will get those taken care of.

Contractor is finishing up with the second hangar and then will move to the 4-H building.

Water in Airport Hangar- Evidence is that water came in along the concrete floor, as the bottom flashing is not yet installed.

The Courthouse reshingle project is almost to the Library.

Parkview has a variety of different dimensional guttering. The decision was made to go with 6” all the way around.

9:42am Terry Sukut, KLJ Engineering, joined the meeting via conference call.

Courthouse – Discussion on Library roof’s composite ridge foam board, (plywood, insulation, and plywood). There is no ventilation in the attic space above Library. The building was re-roofed in 2013.

Parkview – The roof area between PV1 and PV2 appears to be piped to the drain system, but could not find the over flow drain; by Code we need to have the overflow. It’s in the specs, but perhaps was roofed over.

Deck – Also found decking to be rotted and recommends to take the railing off and replace members and then put the deck back together with additional support.

Commission approves all changes, as it must meet Code.

The lap siding where the Cafeteria and hospital abut has water issues. The recommendation is to take that off and install metal, quoted price is $4,200.00. This seems like a significant amount of money and Terry feels that $1,500.00 is a more reasonable cost. Commission would like to get an itemization of the expense.

Parkview Roof Color – Discovered that a dark gray metal was ordered and being shipped. There is no documentation that reflects the color was to be dark gray.  Shipment has been stopped and the correct color of bronze coil is coming. It is unclear when the material will be here. May be a fee to restock, Terry feels that is not the County’s problem. They have placed ice and water shield on the roof until the metal comes.

Progressing on getting the buildings completed and checked off.

Will be meeting with First Dakota on completion dates as they have a lot going on and a lot to do.

Still waiting on a gutter pricing for the Courthouse.

The area between the Library and Courthouse regarding the drainage collector box and heating tap; First Dakota has an alternative thought on possible collection of drainage. Terry will work with them on this to make sure someone is on-site when they tear that off.

Terry and Jason are asking for field permission to make decisions, Commission approves.

The fairgrounds project – One concern is the clock; Sternberg said they would warrant the electricians work as Sternberg is not willing to travel or come out and work on it.

The new clock face is shipping on the 28th.

The floor in the concession stand – Tooz’s sister company would like to replace the entire flooring, but not force it in before the fair, but to continue the work after the fair.

It was questioned on when the one-year warranty would start. Typically once substantial completion is done; which we are 60 days into.

10:25am Terry ended the phone call thereby leaving the meeting.

Budget – Jason made reduction adjustments to the budget and Commission will take into advisement.

10:27am Shannon Hewson, Brosz Engineering joined the meeting.

10:28pm Bobby Wiedmer, Road Supervisor joined the meeting.

Brosz Engineering presented and amendment to their contract.

10:30am Kimberly and Jason left the meeting.


Road Updates – Cabin Creek Loop Rd, started work on culvert replacement. It was asked if there has been a decision on the Pickup. Commission has not discussed. Bobby updated Commissioner Baldwin on the status and if it should be kept or traded. Bobby asked to be advised ASAP.  Bobby goes on a 2-week vacation starting this Friday.

Project Updates – Next Monday is the pre-construction meeting with John Pelia of Diamond J Construction. The meeting will be onsite (1st street) at 9am. The plan is to start tear out on August 1. The timeline is estimated to be a month working on 1st and 4th street simultaneously. WBI will be at the meeting, Luke with the City of Baker, and Mark Sieler of the County Road Department.

The city has approved the additional sidewalks and is coming out of the Parks Dept. budget.

Brosz Engineering wants to put a notice in the paper and radio. Commission approves.

Baker Lake Dewatering – There are still a lot of little ponds that need drained. They will use a vac truck and discharge down the spillway.

Brosz Engineering has asked the contractor to write a formal plan as to how they will handle water when it finally rains.

Smith Contraction sent a change order request, for cost savings by using a smaller staging area than originally thought.  Brosz Engineering denied the change order.

Presented application of payment from Smith Contracting. After today we will be billed into Bid item #2, which is at a lower cost.

Presented invitation to bid Phase 2 (cleanup portion). Bid opening will be Aug. 16th at 11am

11:00am Jason joined the meeting.

Advised the need to write a report now and again at the end of the project and to track debris material. 300 photos have been taken with GPS tracking on them. They did not do the NE portion of the lake or what is still under water at this time.

Commissioner Rost was asked by an individual to request a digital speed indicator for the duration of the project.  Discussion followed on construction speed limits and would like a cost estimate on the digital speed indicator. There would need to be an amendment to the contracts to include in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

11:12am Bobby, Shannon and Jason left the meeting.

11:00am Eric Kary, Golf Course Manager; Kimberly Jensen, A/P Clerk – CANCELLED


Discussion on mutual aid to Garfield County for fighting fires.

11:30am Debbie Wyrick, Deputy Clerk & Recorder, Joe Janz and Darold Brown joined the meeting.


The 1976 Chevy has no title or at least unable to find it, only a copy of the registration. Darold or Plainsman Search & Rescue will have to request a duplicate title. The license plates are not in the system at all according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Darold advised to sell it at auction.  The Deputy Clerk and Recorder stated, once funding is received the County would turn the funds over to Plainsman. Darold will start the process to get a duplicate title.

Plainsmen will take care of the items inside the vehicle. The repelling harnesses and scuba tanks are no good.

The County has the title for the hovercraft Darold states that it ran good when last used and states it too should be sold at County Auction.

Darold needs to get a serial number or license plate number of the trailer that the hovercraft is on to the Deputy Clerk and Recorder.

The 1997 boat and trailer is co-owned by the Sheriff Dept and Plainsman and the Sheriff’s Dept. would like to keep these items.

Back in July 2011 a $1,000.00 check was issued to Plainsman and was never cashed. Deputy Clerk & Recorder presented a bond that needs signed in order to re-issue the check.

Darold stated that if the items don’t sell at the County Auction then send it to Baker Metal.

11:40am Luke Holestine and Braylea Wyrick joined the meeting.

11:41am Debbie, Joe and Darold left the meeting.

11:42am Kimberly Jensen A/P clerk joined the meeting.


Luke and Braylea presented a spreadsheet of revenue and expenditures for the past. They would like to widen the track to beyond a motorcycle track to include 4 wheelers and atv’s.

Discussion on expenses and ability to do an expansion to allow for demo derbies and updating the facilities followed.

Commissioner Baldwin advised that it’s not a priority as other county functions take precedence and asked what they are needing or asking for in funding. Luke thought $20,000.00 annually.

Discussion on the length of time that they would need to receive the 20,000.00 to complete the updates. They felt no more than a three-year commitment was sufficient.

Commission will take this under advisement.

12:23pm Luke and Braylea left the meeting.


Commissioner Ranum made the motion to take a noon recess. Commissioner Rost seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nays. The motion carried.


PRESENT: Deb Ranum, Roy Rost, Members; Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk

ABSENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman



No one appeared for Public Comment

1:25pm Brenda Wood, Clerk & Recorder


Don Dilworth contacted Don Schillinger and he is interested in the position. Don Dilworth will be down in August to train Mr. Schillinger. This is a paid contractor position.

Discussion followed on homeschooling requirements and paperwork.

1:25pm Julie Straub, HRM joined the meeting.

Clerk & Recorder asked the Commission if anyone has contacted JK in regards to the County Auction. Commission stated, no, but the Commission will.

1:27pm Lani DeBuhr joined the meeting and Brenda left the meeting.


Human Resource is making a request to change the position to non-exempt. The Department of Labor (DOL) has made the determination because the Fair Board makes the big decisions. Dee Dee Geving should communicate if there is going to be overtime.  Commission approves to make that effective as of July 1.

Given the determination of the DOL, The Fairgrounds Manager is entitled to overtime payment for the past 6 months. The Fairgrounds Manager declines to receive any back overtime payment.

1:40pm Lani left the meeting.

1:43pm Julie left the meeting.

2:00pm Nicole Benefiel, Justice of the Peace and Kimberly Jensen, A/P Clerk joined the meeting.


Discussion on budget needs and quantification.

2:08pm Commissioner Baldwin joined the meeting.

Discussion on a Panic Button and request to have a private company install. The Sheriff’s Dept. states the light blinks, but unless it is noticed, no one responds, The Justice of the Peace wants a buzzer.

Commissioner Ranum asked if our IT/Computer Tech could install and who is taking over for Bob Brenner?

Commissioner Baldwin advised that the Commission will look into the buzzer not working.

Advised the Commission that if the Drug Treatment Court moves forward it is not covered in her budget.

Courtroom issue continues.

Community Service, Commission has received comments from the public about cell phones and inappropriate dress of the teenagers doing community service. Advised the Commission that these issues have already been addressed.

Commissioner Ranum advised that the Fairgrounds would like painting done in their parking lot. The Justice of the Peace advised, as long as it’s a service to the community they can do it.

Commission will take the Justice of the Peace budget into consideration.

2:20pm Nicole and Kimberly left the meeting.

Commissioner Ranum made a motion to send Garfield Co. Emergency Aid in the amount of $18,000.00 for expenses related to the Lodgepole Complex Fire. Commissioner Rost seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nays. The motion carried.


The Commission reviewed and approved the Special Check Claim for Emergency Aid in the amount of $18,000.00 and is filed in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office.


Commission reviewed Journal Entries, Revenues, e-mails, and misc. items.

Discussion followed on Airport Manager hours with no decision being made.

2:47pm Randy Hoenke joined the meeting.

Advised Commission of need to have a Resolution to change wording to Stage 1 Restrictions and not burn ban. Discussion followed on whether the burn ban and Stage 1 Restrictions can be in place simultaneously. Randy feels you could do both. Commissioner Rost called the County Attorney for advice, but unavailable. Commission advises they will contact Randy regarding the Resolutions.

3:00pm Randy left the meeting.


Commissioner Rost made the motion to approve the Commission Minutes for the week July 17-21, 2017 with corrections. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 2 Ayes. 0 Nay. 1 Abstain.  The motion carried.

Commissioner Rost made the motion to approve the Closed Session Minutes for July 17, 2017. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 2 Ayes. 0 Nay. 1 Abstain. The motion carried.


Commissioner Rost made the motion to approve Judy Gunderson as Board Member to Baker TV, Plevna TV, and Cemetery Boards. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nay. The motion carried.

3:15pm Dustan Davis, IT/Computer Tech; Julie Straub, HRM –  RESCHEDULED




Commissioner Rost made the motion to adjourn. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nay.  The motion carried.


s/Steve Baldwin, Chairman


s/Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk


s/Brenda J. Wood, Clerk and Recorder