Junior Chippers A Success Again

Junior Chippers Golf Camp had a successful second year at the Lakeview Country Club. We had 56 campers ranging from 1st grade up to 8th grade across a wide range of skill levels. Campers used the USGA kids golf books again this year, and many advanced into book 2 and 3 which sharpens their skills and forms even more and the testing is harder to advance from station to station. At the end of camp we had a mini tournament for both the boys and girls who were skilled enough to play. Winners were: 3rd-5th grade girls: Jocelyn Graham, 6-8th grade girls: Peyton Janeway, 3-5 grade boys (5 holes): Jerrick Moser, 4-6 grade boys (9 holes) Jaren Lingle, 7-8 grade boys: Tie Colin Lorbiecke (won in chip off) and Rory Lingle.