Gotta Question

Q:   Is the old city dumpsite presently being used as a junk vehicle yard??

Answered by Fallon County Sanitarian/Junk Vehicle Program Director Rich Menger

A: “I started the junk vehicle program in the early 1980’s. It has always sat adjacent to the land known as the old city dump but they are two different entities. The old city dump closed in 1994. The junk vehicle site has a locked gate and states authorized personnel only.”

Q: Why was contaminated soil from Farmer’s Union taken to the old landfill when the DEQ Public Notice clearly states it will be taken to Coral Creek Landfill? Will the County have to pay for cleanup of the contaminated area that was created from the hauling to the closed landfill?

Answered by Fallon County Sanitarian/Junk Vehicle Program Director Rich Menger

A: “Unfortunately there has been a lot of misinformation regarding this matter. Jay Shearer, geologist for MT DEQ,  Jim Rolle, Environmental Services Director for West Central Environmental Consultants and I came up with a plan for this soil about six months ago. Last year a 12 ft high 264 ft long steel fence was constructed on the 6th street side of the junk vehicle yard. This was at no cost to the county as I used funds made available by the state. However, as housing has increased along the Sandstone Road, it became apparent that we needed to shield the view of the junk vehicle yard from that direction as well. A plan was put in place to take 15,000 cubic yards of uncontaminated soil to build a 10 ft burm. Some information was not properly passed on which resulted in a complaint being filed with the state DEQ regarding the soil. Jim Rowely took further soil samples which showed extremely low parts per million contaminates. It was found there was no danger to wildlife, soil or water. The burm turned out nicely and will remain where it was deposited. County residents can get rid of junk vehicles at no cost to themselves or the county. The junk vehicle program contracted hauler is Bruce Moore and can be reached at Baker Metal and Recycling to pick up junk vehicles.”

Q: In the March 6th through 9th minutes, the landfill rates were decreased from $100/ton to $30/ton. Farmer’s Union representatives were at this meeting. Why were these rates decreased after five years? Were they decreased because Farmer’s Union requested this as indicated in Mr. Kachel’s meeting with the Commissioners on August 8, 2016??

Answered by The Fallon County Commission

A: “The average rate in our area for receiving this type of contaminated soil is roughly $30 per ton. We reviewed the minutes from when the landfill price was changed about five years ago. The minutes state that the rate was from $25 per ton to $100 per ton. It was unclear whether this was meant to be an increase from one rate to another or whether it was meant to be a range of acceptable rates. After research into what surrounding counties are charging for the same type of contaminated soil, it was determined that $30 per ton was a fair and acceptable price and this was set as the new flat rate.”

Q: What is the written school policy regarding pets living in the new school housing units? Is this allowed or disallowed?

Answered by Christy Follmer, School Board Chairperson

A: “If this is regarding our superintendent, there were circumstances causing them to need a place to live sooner than later, and an exception has been made to our policy while they are still looking for a permanent place of residence. We hope to not have to make these accommodations for future residents, but will make considerations on an ‘as needed’ basis.”