Lost in the Baker Lake

As the Baker Lake project continues and soil begins to be removed, residents from every generation are reminiscing about items they have lost in the lake. Do you have a story you would like to share? Simply send an email to fctimes@midrivers.com, Attention: Angel and tell us what you lost in the lake and when. Be as detailed as you like. You can also submit your story by dropping us a note at PO Box 679, Baker, MT  59313. Stories will be published periodically during the duration of the project.


2 thoughts on “Lost in the Baker Lake

  1. Angel!
    I am developing a proposal about using items from the Baker lake to build an everlasting sculpture at the lake, it is through the Montana Teacher leaders in the Arts. I am at the workshop right now at Salish Kootenai college. I left a message with Chuck Lee yesterday. I would like to collaborate with the Fallon County Times, school, community members and guest/local artists.
    I look forward to this being a completed project by March,2018. Let me know your thoughts, thanks
    Jill Myhre

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