Fallon County coordinates efforts to get help to Lodgepole Complex Fire

Seeing what others are going through in the ongoing and devastating fire that is eating its way through Garfield County leaves people feeling frustrated and emotional. Firefighters from surrounding communities and throughout the United States have been fighting alongside the landowners to put out the aggressive fire that began burning July 19. There is plenty of need now as farmers and ranchers lost livestock, land, feed and homes. Fallon County organizations and residents have created a few outlets for people to donate money and/or items.

Gamma Beta Sorority has set up a cash donation account at the Bank of Baker. The account is titled: Garfield County Fire Relief Fund. People can make donations at the bank and the monies will be forwarded to the group dealing with donations.

Alycia Conroy will be taking a pickup and horse trailer to Jordan on Friday, July 28. If you have water, fencing materials, gloves, coolers (48-60 quart) or other items to donate she will take them to Jordan. Alycia can be reached at 406-978-3977.

Non-Cash donations may be left at the Fallon County Fairgrounds. Donations should be deposited at the metal building (white with red sections) that is south of the Exhibit Hall and the old wood building. For more information contact Lani DeBuhr at her desk 406-778-2451 or cell 406-853-8725.

Tavis Renner will also be delivering items to Jordan. If you have items to donate you can contact Tavis at 406-951-4051.

Items needed include trucking hay and feed for livestock, water, fencing labor and donations, on the go and stable foods, fuel cards, fruits, Gold Bond Powder (small), gloves, AA & AAA batteries, safety glasses, chapstick, gum, hard candy, eye drops, baby wipes, tylenol/advil, moleskin, eye wash, ziplock bags, water, Gatorade, jerky, granola bars, feminine products, travel size toiletries, individual mustard & mayo packets, snacks, deodorant, bar soap, laundry detergent, wipes and toilet paper.