Gotta Question

Q: Why are the May and June School Board minutes not on the website?

A: District Clerk Jennifer Mettler said, “The IT Administrator Scott Anderson is the one who puts the minutes on our website. May minutes were not approved until the June board meeting and I did not give them to Scott right away. He has been extremely busy and will get them on the website as soon as his schedule allows. June minutes have to be approved before they can be posted on the school website. We did not have a July meeting so the minutes will be approved at the August meeting. People should know that they are always welcome to come in and request a copy of the minutes from me. The minutes are public record and very easy to get. We do post them on the website as a courtesy to the public since we have the technology but it is not law to have them posted.”

Board policy regarding the minute’s states:

The Clerk shall keep written minutes of all open Board meetings, which shall be signed by the Chairperson and the Clerk. The minutes shall include:

– Date, time, and place of meeting;

– Presiding officer;

– Board members recorded as absent or present;

– Summary of discussion on all matters discussed (including those matters discussed during the “public comment” section), proposed, deliberated, or decided, and a record of any votes taken;

– Detailed statements of all expenditures;

– Purpose of recessing to closed session; and

– Time of adjournment.

When issues are discussed that may require a detailed record, the Board may direct the Clerk to record the discussion verbatim. Any verbatim record may be destroyed after the minutes have been approved, pursuant to § 20-1-212, MCA.

Unofficial minutes shall be delivered to Board members in advance of the next regular scheduled meeting of the Board. Minutes need not be read publicly, provided that Board members have had an opportunity to review them before adoption. A file of permanent minutes of Board meetings shall be maintained in the office of the Clerk, to be made available for inspection upon request.