Domagala wins 1st place at HOSA competition

Drue Domagala is the grand daughter of Darlene Domagala of Baker. – Submitted Photo

Drue Domagala, 16,  competed at the HOSA National Competition at the end of June in Orlando, FL.  Students from all over the United States, territories and other countries such as Puerto Rico, Canada, Italy, etc. come to compete in 25 different categories. After making it to the final round of 36 teams, Drue placed first in Forensic Medicine. “The first round I had to take a test to pass,” said Drue. “For the second round we get an example crime scene with body and have to figure out what happened. Then we have to write how we came to that conclusion.”

By Angel Wyrwas

Drue was very surprised to learn she had placed first. “When they called us up to the stage I couldn’t believe it,” said Drue. “I’m self taught. Getting my own textbooks and studying and memorizing. We don’t have a Forensic Medicine/Science class at my school. A lot of the other students I compete against either go to a school that offers specific classes to study medical science or they attend a prep school that the curriculum is centered toward medical science.”

HOSA-Future Health Professionals, formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), is a national career and technical student organization endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Technology Education Division of ACTE. It is the largest student organization which prepares students to enter the healthcare field.

Drue became interested in the program in the eighth grade when her friend’s older sister was a member. “It sounded interesting and fun,” she said. When Drue began high school in Battle Mountain, NV, she found that her Health Science teacher was the advisor for HOSA and joined the club. To attend Nationals, Drue placed first in the Nevada competition in March. “The top three placers go from each state,” said Drue.

Her parents, Mitch and Elaine Domagala, and her brother, Brice, went to Florida to support her at Nationals. “We were at the award ceremony,” said Elaine. “We were surprised and so excited to see Drue win first place.” The family also enjoyed a visit to Walt Disney World while they were in Florida.

Drue will be a junior in high school and plans to compete in another HOSA category this year. She also enjoys sports, hunting, fishing and reading. Drue hopes to be a neurosurgeon one day. “The brain interests me, I think it would be fun to work on it,” said Drue.

Drue is the granddaughter of Darlene Domagala of Baker.