Gotta Question

Q: Did DEQ issue a permit to Cenex to haul the contaminated soil from the excavation site to the old city dump grounds?

Answered by Jim Rolle, Environmental Services Director for West Central Environmental Consultants, Inc.

A: “The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MTDEQ) Petroleum Tank Cleanup Section (PTCS), in conjunction with the Fallon County Sanitarian, developed the strategy to deliver unimpacted overburden soils generated during the remedial excavation to the Fallon County Junk Vehicle Yard.  The soils will be used as control berms at the County facility which is considered a “beneficial use” alternative to disposal of the soils at a landfill facility.  Alternative use of the soils in this manner was proposed to FUOC by MTDEQ and Fallon County and was subsequently included as a component of the Remedial Excavation Work Plan which was approved by the MTDEQ on May 3, 2017.”