Files of the Times


  Friday, July 6, 2007 —

The Lutheran Mission Group to St. Thomas Virgin Island returned home June 24 after spending a week there. The group went there to paint the Lutheran Church of the Reformation. They also helped prepare and serve food to about 100 homeless and poor people. They conducted Bible school – Montana style, Sunday afternoon. . .Baker Babe Ruth team completed their season in first place with a record of 22-0. Bryan Overton was chosen as the league’s pitcher champion. . .Fourth annual Pat Wiman Pig Roast will be held July 22 at the O’Fallon Museum. . .Motorcross event held June 30 at the Baker sports complex was a success. One hundred forty-two racers participated. . .Nearly 500 people were served supper at Reynolds Appreciation Day celebration held June 29. . .The new major and minor league baseball field is shaping up nicely due to the hard work of some Babe Ruth, major and minor league players, parents, coaches and city council members. The new field is located at the Mangold Softball Complex southeast of Baker.


  Friday, July 4, 1997 —

John and Lorene Buerkle were honored on their 50th wedding anniversary with a potluck dinner at the home of Dale and Sharon Buerkle, June 22. . .The Harold and Lillian Jensen Scholarship for Range Management was presented to Marty Walker of Richey during Range Days. The Jensens are pictured with Walker. . .A new sign informing travelers of the location of O’Fallon Museum has been erected on Highway 12 by the old car wash. Sarah Wheeler designed and painted it along with the help of students from Roger Grammond’s art class. . .High temperature June 26 was 92 degrees and June 28, 1.05 inches of rain was received. . .Vandalism occurred at four separate locations June 29. There was no sign of entry or burglary at any of the locations, but windows were broken out. . .Filing for city offices closed June 26. Early filings were made by those presently filling the positions and include: Kelly Coldwell – mayor, Jodee Pratt – alderman ward I, Rod Morris – alderman ward II, Roddy Rost – city judge, Ralph Higgins – mayor of Plevna, John Miller – alderman in Plevna, Dwight Loutzenhiser – alderman in Plevna.


  Thursday, July 2, 1987 —

Rob Hickey, son of Delaine and Pam, and Marc-Annette Hickey, daughter of Dave and Debby, were involved in an automobile accident. Rob was thrown out and Marc-Annette was pulled from the burning car by Glen Olson, a trucker from Glendive, and Curt and Ross Keith of Ekalaka. Both teens were sent by air ambulance to Billings where Rob is in intensive care and Marc-Annette is a patient. . .Bonnie Larson placed 126th out of 1066 B singles entries in the State Women’s Bowling Tournament held in Bozeman. The Baker Bus Service team placed seventh in the Class C team event. Team members were Vi Rasmuson, Bonnie Larson, Gwen Setinc, Jessie Neary and Della Rider of Belgrade. . .The 1987 Fallon County Fair will be missing one of the more exciting features this year when parimutuel betting will be cancelled. . .Leonard and Ruth Hoenke will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary July 12; Stella Plummer will celebrate her 96th birthday July 8. . .Larry Nayes of the Farm Home presented Rolph Tunby a certificate of appreciation for his dedication in serving rural America as a county committee member of the FmHA.


  Thursday, June 30, 1977 —

This weekend Fallon Medical Hospital will be closing. The absence of a doctor has forced the doors to remain closed until another doctor can be secured. . .Pictured is Jaycee president, Larry Neutgens, and Dan Becker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Becker, who just returned June 21 from California after spending a week there in competition with 160 intermediate boy wrestlers. . .Headlining the Baker School Board meeting Monday evening was discussion of proposing a bond issue to build a swimming pool and/or lobby addition and approval of the elementary and high school budgets for the 1977-78 fiscal year totaling $1,417,445. . .Baker cowboy Sherman Engesser placed second in steer wrestling at the College National Finals Rodeo in Bozeman. . .Pictured is Patti Randash, the only entrant to ever place in state competition from eastern Montana who walked her way to third runner-up in the Miss Montana Pageant held Saturday in Billings. . .Steven and Kim Pinnow, children of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pinnow, with the help of Delphine Maier, hosted a 25th wedding anniversary open house in honor of their parents, June 26.


  Thursday, July 5, 1967 —

Wheat marketing certificates for this year’s crops will be valued at $1.36 per bushel, the value of which compares to $1.32 for 1966. . .The class of 1957 held a reunion starting with a banquet July 1 at Green Acres. The program for the evening was emceed by Roy Griffith. . .A new Montana law making it a criminal offense to use a telephone to “terrify, threaten, harass or offend another by the use of obscene or profane language”, went into effect Saturday. Other new laws going into effect were: a law setting a new night speed limit on two or four lane interstate highways at 65 and a new state motorcycle law requiring cyclists to drive with lights on 24 hours a day on any public highway. . .Roland Maier and Karen Kusler entered a plane piloted by John Karch, Jr. to take a flight they had won in a recent contest in the vacation Bible school held in Baker.


  Thursday, June 27, 1957 —

The two Larson brothers, Rodney and Relvin, walked away with most of the events at the stock car races held at Glendive July 4. . .Art Stillman, Glendive, brother-in-law Denny Franklin, Baker, were seriously burned while working at the Texas Butane Plant in Pine Unit field Friday. In lighting a torch, leaking gas on the outside of the plant exploded, causing Stillman to escape through a 30 foot flame. Stillman’s body is 70 percent burned.


  Thursday, July 3, 1947 —

Mr. and Mrs. Mel Varner and daughter returned from a month’s vacation spent in western Montana and Washington. . .Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Knipfer, Charlene and Ronnie returned last week from a three week trip to Minnesota and South Dakota. . .Frank Sparks of Plevna had two bones in his right wrist fractured when his cutting-out horse fell during branding operations. . .Arnold Holtz, Ismay, had his left forearm fractured in the Fourth of July horse race at Ismay when his horse threw him during a vicious bucking horse exhibition. . .A double fracture of the left leg was sustained by Mrs. Adolph Madler Monday evening when the car driven by her husband collided with some cows on the highway west of the Adolph Rieger farm.


  Thursday, July 1, 1937 —

Field supervisors to map your farm and to check compliance in Fallon and Carter Counties on the 1937  Agricultural Conservation Program are in the field at this time, advises county extension agent Gib Ziedler. Supervisors include Clinton Baker, Amos Greenlee, R. W. Irvine, Oakley James, Rudolph Lutts, John Meccage and M. E. Wheeler. . .Chester and Jasper Bailey are seriously hurt while Bill Sleeth suffered only minor injuries in an accident Friday evening when their car failed to make a curve at Deep Creek, six miles south of town. Chester and Jasper were thrown through the windshield. . .Plevna had a good turnout for its celebration July 3. The features of the morning were a parade, band concert and an address by County Attorney Ward Goble. . .Farmers in many localities are cutting the grain to save it from heat and insects.


  Thursday, June 30, 1927 —

Although Baker was a quiet place Monday, July 4, a great many residents spent the day at Wildwood Park where a band concert and athletic program were enjoyed and dance in the evening. . .L. K. Hills son Bud and daughter Kathryn returned Saturday evening from their vacation spent in the east. They traveled over 4,000 miles in three weeks. . .Chautauqua program proves disappointment to many who were only able to catch the poor entertainment. The play, presented on the last night, had the smallpox and should never had been. . .Wednesday, the Terry  Cowboy Band members visited in Baker enroute home from the Black Hills where they played for President and Mrs. Coolidge.