Gotta Question

Q: What does the Beautification Committee pay the Baker Public Works Department for watering the flowers around town? How many hours per week does the Baker Public Works Department spend watering flowers?

A: Beautification Committee member Mona Madler stated that the committee had nothing to do with the new flower pots hanging on poles in the downtown area. “The committee gives the colored flower pots to Baker businesses. The businesses fill them with flowers and are responsible for their care. We did donate a truck with a watering tank to the city that I believe they are using to water the city flowers,” said Madler.

   Luke Holestine, Baker Public Works Director confirmed they are using the truck. “Watering takes about 35 minutes a day seven days a week,” said Holestine, “Most days two employees water the plants though some days only one employee does. We utilize our summer help to do this job unless they are unavailable for some reason.”