Gotta Question

Q: How does the school have money to spend for adding new exercise equipment to the complex and installing a keyless entry system, but not for hiring staff to help keep class sizes smaller for young children??

Answered by Jon Wrzesinski, Superintendent, Baker Public Schools

A: There have been discussions of upgrading the complex infrastructure in addition to upgrading the equipment as it is an area of concern due to not many upgrades being done since it’s inception. If those improvements were to occur, monies spent on infrastructure come from a budgeted line item called your building reserve fund that is not related to teacher hiring or salaries. Complex equipment purchases can be partially funded through the Adult Education fund as the public uses the schools facility and equipment for specific activities that are directly related to Adult education.  Again, these monies are not directly related to teacher hiring or salaries. As far as the keyless entry system; that is phase one of a plan to convert all of our doors in the schools to a keyless entry system and again, these monies come from a budgeted fund that is entirely different than monies used to hire and pay staff.