Gotta Question

Q: Isn’t a smaller class size a more ideal setting for young children to learn?

Answered by Jon Wrzesinski, Superintendent, Baker Public Schools

A: The journal, Review of Educational Research states that this question has been posed for many years and despite studies that have shown positive effects, “research has yet to come up with a consistent, integrated explanation for gains attributable to reduced class size.” One could assume that it makes sense due to more individualized attention but sound educational practice cannot be based upon assumptions.  Class size is one of many factors to consider when evaluating a school’s effectiveness. The quality and history of the school system, the teachers, the school Administrative leadership, school funding, the amount of parent involvement, socio- economic demographics of the student’s, and other factors are important to consider, too.

Fortunately from the numbers presented in the previous question, we are well below the State maximum allowable numbers.