Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In regards to the placement of the P.O.W. statue,  Tom McGonigal and I raised the money for the Fallon County Veterans Memorial with a generous donation by the County. Commissioner Deb Ranum was instrumental in securing the donation of $40,000 that would help build the memorial.

My stand on the problem is that the statue detracts from the main memorial itself and should be placed to the eastside of the Fallon County Memorial Wall.

After being a chartered member of the American Legion Post #35 for the past 73 years, I pray that this P.O.W. statue will be moved. I truly believe that this would be the wish of our deceased Vets as well.

The placement of the P.O.W. was a mistake.  Please remove it from the main Memorial Wall site and forge ahead.

Drury G. Phebus

WWII Veteran