JR/SR Banquet

Layne with his Senior Cake.

Friday, May 12, the Junior Class hosted a banquet for the Senior Layne Silver Farris. A pork loin supper was served. Following supper were some games on proverbs. We had to fill in half of the proverb and then relate it to a paraphrasing of said proverb. Once that was completed, Layne presented his mother, Brandy MacYeaple with a crocus, the Senior Class flower. Mr. Sawers, Advisor for the Junior Class, and Taylor Rieger, Junior Class President, then presented Layne with some gag gifts and a gift to remind him of his years at Plevna High School.  It was a nice send off for our graduating senior, who hopes to continue his education at MSU Northern at Havre in the field of Graphic Design.