Gotta Question

Q: Why is the Baker School talking about increasing the number of elementary students in each classroom to the maximum number allowed by the State??

Answered by Jon Wrzesinski

A: This is a question that needs to be addressed each year in any school system; it is not unique to Baker. Staffing is determined by the building Principals according to student needs, class sizes, and teacher availability and is presented to the Superintendent and School Board who make decisions based on the information that is available.  With our current projected elementary numbers:  K-2 we will have a 16.857 to 1 ratio, below the maximum allowable of 20 students per class. Grades 3-4 will have a 13.2 to 1 ratio, below the maximum allowable of 28 per class. Grades 5-6 will have a 18.5 to 1 ratio, below the maximum allowable of 30 per class. Overall you will see a K-6 ratio of 16.125 to 1 ratio, which is well below the State allowable maximums. On a side note, we also currently employ four fully certified teachers who serve in Title, Reading, and other capacities to assist in the needs of our Elementary Students.  Along with these certified staff members, we currently have a fully certified Counselor, PE/Health teacher, Music teacher, Special Education teacher, and Technology teacher employed in the Baker elementary schools. In addition we employ seven hourly non-certified staff members that assist our students in the Library, Title capacities, Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Special Education services. Technically we have a projected overall student to certified teacher ratio of 10.32 to 1 in the Baker Elementary. Very few if any schools of comparative enrollments can produce this type of ratio