Goodbye In Cowboy Country

We live in cowboy country, Folks.

At times we set out to prove it.

We lost a young man in our profession

And once more we sought to use it.

The gym was packed and overflowing

With supporters and the caring.

People who care about the suffering

The grieving and the dying.

Stories were told about the cowboy

Some brought laughter/more brought tears.

The family could only weep

For one they’d loved these few short years.

It’s never long enough you know

In any circumstance

Time for us is really short

You don’t get another chance.

The family chose “Amazing Grace”

The preacher helped us understand

How amazing it really is

The key to the better land.

A Land which stretches on forever

Room for all the would be riders

Who hope to send a loop out sailing

And share in what the Father plans.

By Prairie Singer

May 11, 2017