Egg-citement in the 3rd Grade

Peep! Peep! I think I hear a chick!

Back (l-r): Caden Barth, Maile Wright, Abby Cuppy, Cricket Wrywas, Nicholas Schallenberger, Silis Best, Zabrian Wyrick. Front (l-r): Logan Ehret, Kaydree Anderson, Gentre Coulter, Chad Griffith, Julia Schallenberger, Vicky Davis, Clay Rost.

By Kaydree Anderson, Abby Cuppy, Vicky Davis, Julia Schallenberger, and Cricket Wyrwas

Peep! Peep! I think I hear a chick! Mrs. Wang’s 3rd grade class hatched chicks. Julia Schallenberger, Gentre Coulter, and preschool teacher Miss Mia Hastig gave us eggs. We put them in an incubator. Then we followed the stages of embryo development.

After 23 days, four chicks finally hatched. It was supposed to take 21 days, but our incubator was running a little cooler. After hatching, we observed them, took measurements, weighed them, and wrote a description of them for every day of the week. It surprised us to see how fast they grew.

We named them Georgia, Hamilton, Billy Bobby, and Fluffy. After a week in our classroom, Julia and Gentre took them to their new homes. We learned a lot and had so much fun!