An Affectionate Farewell

Dear Readers,

It’s with mixed emotions that I put ink to this, my last article for the Fallon County Times newspaper.

I am somewhat sad, to bid you all adieu, but joyous as I step out to add some exciting chapters to the final story of my life.

It was sometime last winter when I found myself home bound after a shoulder surgery with a lot of extra time on my hands that I had time to sit back and reflect; acknowledging how fast life is speeding by. I will be celebrating another milestone decade birthday this summer and I realized, that if God be willing and I live into old age, that I actually have only a mere 15-20 good traveling years left to go out to explore this great big world and seek new adventures in my life.

As I leave the Times, I have a great sense of anticipation in my heart as I seek to step out into unchartered territory. I also look forward to accomplishing a few items on my bucket list.

* I plan to spend a Montana winter in a little rented cottage in a beach community in Australia.  Allowing me to be grandma to my favorite little Aussie, grandbaby Osca   

*Visit my brother and his wife in their new home in Ecuador

*Volunteer as an outreach worker in a variety of Christian mission settings over seas.

These are just to name a few…and, oh…I wanted to make a visit to the great pyramids in Egypt, until I discovered that now any international background check might show that I have worked as a journalist causing concern about “keeping my head.” (I will admit I’ve come quite attached to my head.)

Before I sign off, I want to express to you my readers how much I have enjoyed bringing to you; eighty-seven editions, some 700 articles, recording the life and times of my home town, friends and neighbors in Fallon County.

I will always treasure the positive feedback and support I received from you the reader. It meant so much to me as a fledgling reporter to hear your wonderful reactions to some of the articles you read.

Whether you stopped me in Reynolds’s, the Post Office or at a community event,  I enjoyed hearing that you cried over the article about the goose who got his foot caught in the ice at the lake, or when you read about a local soldier awaiting mail call over seas, to hearing that your entire office laughed while reading a 1960’s Christmas in Fallon County or when reading about the funnier sights and sounds of the Fallon County Fair.

I even appreciated hearing adverse reactions to the harder news articles or court hearings. It helped me to adapt a thicker skin as I evolved into the role of court reporter and the watchdog of city and county government happenings. Every comment helped me as a fledging reporter to hone better writing skills to communicate and keep the community better informed.

I won’t be gone from Fallon County forever, as somehow over the years I always find my way back home. If even to visit at fair time, I will see many of you again.

When my time arrives, reserve a rocker at the local long-term care facility next to you. I promise to have a number of exciting tales to spin.

Until then…signing off.

Sherry Vogel, Reporter