4th Grade State Reports

4th Grade with their State Map Project: Back Row (l-r): Tristan Buerkle, Hayden Lane, Tonna MacYeaple, Trae Oberlander, Sophia Tudor; Front Row: Aidyn Schwartz, Jordan Hauff, Kali Dulin, Billie Jo Miller, Caleb McLachlan.

Mrs. Isaacs’  4th grade each did a report on one of the 50 states in the United States. Trae Oberlander studied Alaska, Jordan Hauff did Wisconsin, while Kali Dulin learned about Hawaii. Aidyn Schwartz delved into Maine, Tonna MacYeaple looked into Oregon, and Hayden Lane learned about our neighbor, North Dakota. Sophia Tudor was interested in Kentucky, Billie Jo Miller studied Utah, Caleb McLachlan also researched a neighbor, South Dakota, and Tristan Buerkle did California. I bet if you asked them, they could tell you the capitals of many of our 50 states!