Timely Tips and Tidbits

Cleaning with vinegar

By Sherry Vogel

Many of you have shared with me the many other ways you use vinegar, for other than cooking purposes. Here are five tips to help you use vinegar for cleaning:

1. Cleaning solution – add 1/4 c. baking soda with 1 tbsp. liquid detergent. Then slowly add distilled vinegar to make a thick creamy texture.

2. Deodorize a drain – Use one cup baking soda, and one cup hot white distilled vinegar. Wait ten minutes and rinse with hot water.

3. Clean out fridge – with vinegar and water solution.

4. Remove odors from dishwasher – use 2 cups white distilled vinegar inside an empty dishwasher and run cycle.

5. Easily remove a label, price tag, sticker; etc. – use a cloth soaked in white distilled vinegar, leave on till sticker slides right off.

6. Use as a steam iron cleaner.