Plevna Graduation

Layne Silver-Farris – Class of 2017.

Plevna High School Graduation was held Sunday, May 14, 2017 at the Plevna Gymnasium. Graduation opened with a processional of John Higgens, played by the Plevna Band under the direction of Mrs. Bruha. Layne Silver-Farris led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by an invocation.

The keynote speaker, Dennis Parman, Executive Director for the Montana Rural Education Association, delivered a message with some great advice for any senior. He related that employers are interested in how we manage failures, as that will determine successes in the future. Employers, Colleges and teachers are looking for students who are resilient and can bounce back from difficulties.  Having the ability to work through the valleys and come out the other side develops character in a person. Mr. Parman also told these students that there are always people out there who are willing to help; you just need to ask for that help. Last, but not least, he told a story about four high school students. The moral of the story was that if a flat tire is used as an excuse for missing class, be sure to collaborate beforehand on which tire was flat! We appreciated Mr. Parman taking the time to come and speak at our graduation. He offered some great advice on how to be successful going out into the world.

Mr. Sawers handed out scholarships, followed by the Plevna Choir, who sang Sure as Stars Cling to the Sky by Mike Wilson. At this time, Lisa Rieger, Chairman of the Board of Trustees acknowledged the students from the Class of 2021 for completion of 8th Grade with a certificate: Dacy Buerkle, Sophia Dulin, Bret Edgell, Jenna Paul, Trinity Rieger and Ashley Sander.

Layne Silver-Farris presented a flower to his parents, Mark and Brandy MacYeaple. Lisa Rieger then presented a diploma to Layne Silver-Farris. Mrs. Walker imparted some words of wisdom for the students in her speech for the Class of 2017. She encouraged the students to be persistent, determined and hardworking, as these characteristics will enhance your future, wherever that future may take you.  Mrs. Walker then presented the graduating Class of 2017.

8th Grade Promotions: Trinity Rieger, Dacy Sander, Jenna Paul, Bret Edgell, Dacy Buerkle, Sophia Dulin.