Awards Assembly

Cooks’ (Berdie Rieger and Connie Lang) Appreciation Award – Ashley Sander.

May 9, Plevna School K-12 had their Awards Assemble in which many of the students qualified for awards. The recipients for the 100 or more AR points went to 10th graders Jessica Paul and Colter Peterson. The 8th graders receiving this award were Trinity Rieger, Jenna Paul, Dacy Buerkle, and Ashley Sander. In the 7th grade class, Chloe Tudor and Jesse Isaacs were honored, and the highest AR points went to a 6th grade reader, Wyatt Isaacs with 305.2 points. Among these nine readers, they read 10,927,507 words. Congratulations on taking the time to read!

Math and English Awards went to Jessica Paul for maintaining a 3.5-4.0 GPA in both classes for 3 Quarters. Certificates were given to the Journalism students: Jessica Paul, Layne Silver-Farris, and Taylor Rieger. Jessica and Layne also received pins in Journalism. The school newspaper, Plevna School News for the Fallon County Times, and the annual would not be what they are today without the hard work and dedication of these students.

Students with over 100 AR points: (l-r) Trinity Rieger, Ashley Sander, Jessica Paul, Colter Peterson, Jenna Paul, Dacy Buerkle, Wyatt Isaacs – Top Reader, and Jesse Isaacs. Not Pictured: Chloe Tudor.

The Music Award went to Jaiden Dulin for having Top Honors at the Music Festival. Layne Silver-Farris received an award for Business, and Zack Wills was honored for Robotics. Science Accomplishment Awards went to Jessica Paul, Dacy Buerkle, and Jaeda Paul. The Cooks’ Appreciation Award went to Ashley Sander for her always-kind words and manners in the lunchroom. Jessica Paul and Dacy Buerkle received the Coaches’ Appreciation Award in Track. The following students received Art Awards: Miles O’Connor-Creativity; Dina Beyers-Expression; Avery O’Connor-Most Helpful; Hugo Thielen-Enthusiastic; Ashtyn Arnold-Most Responsible; Trae Oberlander-Adventurous; Tylee Rieger-Aspiring Artist; Nick Buerkle-Natural Talent; Alexia Wills-Leadership; Ashley Sander-Dedication; Sophia Dulin-Experimental; Jessica Paul-Endurance; Taylor Rieger-Most Improved.

3.5-4.0 Honor Roll for three Quarters: Trinity Rieger, Ashley Sander, Dacy Buerkle, Jessica Paul, Jenna Paul, Chloe Tudor, Alexia Wills, and Jess Isaacs; 3.0-3.5 Honor Roll: Hadyn Mellon and Cheyenne Farris. Good Attendance Awards went to those absent 2 days or less: Blaine M. Buerkle, Ahren Goben, Sean Ohlrogge, Weston Buerkle, Carson Sander, Ruilin Li, Brentan Beyers, Trinity Rieger, Ashley Sander and Colter Peterson. Congratulations to all the students on their many accomplishments.