El Salvador Continued from last week:

Allen and Jan Rustad of Baker, work side by side with a young native boy at the Center of Hope.

One such story is of a Salvadoran woman who lost her husband in the gang wars. Through the school she received training and $225 to start her own business, a kiosk where she sells fruits and other items. “That will sustain her family for the rest of her life,” the group leader, Lanning had explained.

Many of the Baker crew came back to Baker with a new perspective on how wealthy even the poorest of Americans are compared to others trying to survive in third world countries.

Fayth Rohr, 16, of Baker, stated, “I definitely felt lucky to be able to go. It made me realize how good we have it here in America.”

Jan Rustad shared, “This was my first trip on foreign soil and it made me realize how truly blessed we are in the United States. Why are we blessed this way? I think it’s so that we will share with others around the world who are in great need.”

One person in nine, out of the world’s 7.3 billion population is so poor that they go for days with nothing to eat.

Although many people are very poor in El Salvador many of them are spiritually rich.

Allen Rustad and Alex Mitchell of Baker, ‘ham-it-up’ er.. hammer it up, while working in the 100-degree heat in Santa Ana.

Rustad shared, “The poverty and the unsanitary conditions are overwhelming. Through it all they live by faith from day to day.”

What was the reaction of the Salvadoran people to this outpour of interest in their needs? Many of the people were puzzled. They questioned, “Why are these people from so far away willing to come there to help us?” Joe Epley, a youth Pastor gave this answer and added how this trip has impacted his life, “Going on this mission trip gave us another great opportunity to show that Jesus cares about people’s real-life needs, and being a part of that was life changing.”

There are many opportunities to meet the needs of impoverished people far and near (USA), other than traveling to a foreign country in person.  Donations of used material goods and of course supporting fundraisers which contribute towards the needs of an outreach organization are a few.

Some of the Bakerites were surprised Provision International was using a Bobcat skid steer from Baker. They also discovered a welder that was donated to the ministry by K&S Electric and Baker Metal.

One individual shared, “Medical equipment is always needed in ministry hospitals and clinics. Fallon Medical Complex has quite often donated outdated supplies to various mission outreaches in the past.

Faith Rohr, a member of the Baker crew, enjoys working in the warm sun on her first mission trip overseas.

Outreach trips to other countries are open to anyone who feels a need to go and help others. You do not have to be a member of a church to get involved. Pastor Kilsdonk added, “Each of us has something to offer. You will be a blessing and you will be blessed.”

Any person, group or organization interested in volunteering their time, talents or donating supplies or equipment to further the good work going on at Center for Hope in Santa Ana, El Salvador may contact Provision International at their website:                                                                            info@provisioninternational.org or by                                                                               calling 406-698-6913.