Letters to the Editor

Some thoughts:

Since after thirty years we are now cleaning up the town of old dilapidated houses and junk trailers, can the city do something about the city streets to repair and fix them?  Or do we need to wait for July or Nov. to begin the work or next years budget. Also, would be wise to fix them AFTER the sewer and water lines are taken care of. Then get them into good condition. Do some planning ahead rather than tearing them up later. Too bad this wasn’t done when the oil money was flowing.

Also, can we get a quiet zone for the trains blowing the whistle way more than necessary between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.  I know it is a rule for them, however I do not think there is that much traffic crossing the tracks during these hours.  I did call the office in Glendive about this. I know other towns have been able to get a quiet zone. I feel for the people who live right along side the railroad tracks.

Barbara Olind

Baker, Mont.