Lady Spartan Tennis

By Lilly Hanson

Front Row: Madison Moore, Ashley Rost, Tesla Erickson, Courtney Tudor. Middle Row: Hope Craft, Ellen Widell, Haylee Barkley, Brooklyn Tronstad, Katelynn Afrank, Savannah Davis, Lillianna Hanson, Rachel Rost, Lena Kennel, Coach Tom Kendall. Back Row: Sheyanne Janeway, Brooklyn Ridenhower, Pamela Tronstad, Samantha Smith, Asst. Coach Margaret Uecker, Asst. Coach Kyli Gentilini, Asst. Coach Kallie Madler, Kendal Wipperling, Skyler Robinson, Anna Espeland, Kelsey Miller.

March 31- Baker (H)

The Baker High School Lady Spartans Tennis team hosted their meet against Glendive and Forsyth on Friday, March 31.

Ellen Widell:

Defeated Caitlin Kunick (Glendive) 8-1

Defeated Kira Thompson (Forsyth) 6-0

Anna Espeland:

Defeated Cheyanne Damron (Glendive) 8-4

Defeated Heather Blackwell (Forsyth) 8-4

Haylee Barkley:

Defeated by Kayla Kelly (Glendive) 8-1

Defeated by Hannah Blackwell (Forsyth) 6-3

Kelsey Miller:

Defeated by Skyler Scarpholt (Glendive) 8-2

Doubles w/Tesla Erickson – Defeated by Hannah Blackwell/Roxanne Keefer (Forsyth) 6-4

Kendal Wipperling:

Defeated by Amber Sickler (Glendive) 8-2

Defeated Rachel (Glendive) 6-5, in tiebreaker 7-3

Skyler Robinson:

Defeated by Tienna Mannin (Glendive) 8-1

Defeated by Roxanne Keefer (Forsyth) 6-1

Doubles w/Courtney Tudor – Defeated Sammy Beeler/Kayla Rod (G) 6-2

Lilly Hanson:

Defeated Kierra Melton (G) 8-0

Defeated Katy Cardwell (F) 6-0

Courtney Tudor:

Defeated by Chloe Mire (G) 8-5

Doubles w/Skyler Robinson – Defeated Sammy Beeler/Kayla Rod (G) 6-2

Doubles w/Tesla Erickson- Defeated Tori Fornel/Elena Hotiuc (G) 8-4

Tesla Erickson:

Doubles w/Courtney Tudor – Defeated Tori Fornel/Elena Hotiuc (G) 8-4

Doubles w/Kelsey Miller – Defeated by Hannah Blackwell/Roxanne Keefer (Forsyth) 6-4

Rachel Rost:

Defeated by Kayla Rod (G) 8-4

Defeated by Alexis Moos (G) 6-3

Hope Craft:

Defeated by Elena Hortuic (G) 8-5

Defeated by Katy Cardwell (F) 6-5

Lena Kennel:

Defeated by Tori Fornel (G) 8-2

Defeated by Jazmen Brown (F) 6-2

Ashley Rost/Brooklyn Tronstad (Doubles):

Defeated Sammy Beeler/Kayla Rod (G) 8-5

Defeated Alexis Moos/Chloe Mire (G) 7-6 Tie Breaker 7-2

Samantha Smith/Pam Tronstad (Doubles):

Defeated Caitlin Kunick/Kayla Kelly (G) 8-0

Defeated by Cheyanne Damron/Skylar Scarpholt (G) 6-4

Sheyanne Janeway/Savannah Davis (Doubles):

Defeated Cheyanne Damron/Skylar Scarpholt (G) 8-6

Defeated Caitlin Kunick/Kayla Kelly (G) 6-4

Brooklyn Ridenhower/Madison Moore (Doubles):

Defeated Alexis Moos/Chloe Mire (G) 8-2

Defeated Talia Zimdar/Rachel (G) 6-2

April 8 – Baker (H)

The Baker High School Lady Spartans Tennis team hosted their meet against Wolf Point and Forsyth on April 8.

Ellen Widell:

Defeated Mandi Martin (WP) 8-0

Defeated Kira Thompson (F) 8-2

Anna Espeland:

Defeated by Kira Thompson (F) 4-8

Madison Moore:

Defeated Sabannah Woznick (WP) 8-1

Defeated Kelsi Newbauer (WP) 8-3

Haylee Barkley:

Defeated Savannah Woznick (WP) 8-3

Defeated Hannah Blackwell (F) 8-7 Tiebreaker 8-6

Samantha Smith/Pam Tronstad:

Defeated Mandi Martin/Kelsi Newbauer (WP) 8-2

Defeated Hannah/Roxanne (F) 8-6

Sheyanne Janeway/Brooklyn Ridenhower:

Defeated Taylor Hamilton/Charlene Almer (WP) 8-4

Defeated Mandi/Kelsi (WP) 8-6

Kelsey Miller/Savannah Davis:

Defeated Taylor Hamilto/Charlene Almer (WP) 8-2

Hope Craft:

Defeated by Kiera Goertz (WP) 0-8

Defeated Alex Sutton (WP) 8-5

Lilly Hanson/Skyler Robinson:

Defeated Alex Sutton/Darlene MacDonald (WP) 8-0

Ashley Rost:

Defeated by Madison Kinzie (WP) 8-8 tiebreaker (7-5)

Lena Kennel:

Defeated Darlene MacDonald (WP) 8-0

Defeated Katy (F) 8-8 tiebreaker 7-4

Tesla Erickson:

Defeated Kiera Goertz (WP) 8-4

Defeated Roxanne Keefer (F) 8-2

Skyler Robinson:

Defeated Jazmen Brown (F) 8-2

Lilly Hanson:

Defeated Katy Cardwell (F) 8-3

Savannah Davis/Haylee Barkley:

Defeated Madison/Savannah (WP) 8-2

Courtney Tudor/Ashley Rost:

Defeated by Taylor/Charlene (WP) 5-8

Tesla Erickson/Lilly Hanson:

Defeated Darlene/Alex (WP) 8-0

Madison Moore/Courtney Tudor:

Defeated by Savanna/Charlene (WP) 5-8

April 11 – Glendive

The Baker High School Lady Spartans Tennis team traveled to Glendive for their tennis meet against Glendive on April 11.

Ellen Widell:

Defeated Amber Sickler (G) 8-7 tiebreaker 10-3

Defeated Talia Zimdar (G) 6-0

Defeated Macy Moore (MC) 8-0

Anna Espeland:

Defeated Talia Zimdar (G) 8-2

Defeated by Amber Sickler (G) 6-8

Defeated Sam Beeler (MC) 8-3

Haylee Barkley:

Defeated by Rachel Wolff (G) 3-8

Defeated Makenna (MC) 8-1

Madison Moore:

Defeated Tienna Mannin (G) 8-2

Defeated Jayce (MC) 8-0

Kendal Wipperling:

Defeated by Chloe Mires (G) 2-8

Defeated by Alexis (G) 3-8

Tesla Erickson:

Defeated Alexis Moos (G) 8-6

Defeated Chloe Mires (G) 8-4

Defeated Kaleigh (MC) 8-3

Lilly Hanson:

Defeated Sami Beeler (G) 8-5

Skyler Robinson:

Defeated Kayla Rod (G) 8-1

Lena Kennel:

Defeated by Tori (G) 4-8

Rachel Rost:

Defeated Elena (G) 8-6

Sam Smith/Pam Tronstad:

Defeated Rachel/Talia (G) 8-6

Defeated Kayla/Anna (G) 6-4

Defeated Maci/Sam (MC) 8-3

Sheyanne Janeway/ Brooklynn R.

Defeated by Talia/Rachel (G) 1-8

Defeated by Rachel/Amber (G) 4-6

Defeated Jayce/Makenna (MC) 8-4

Savannah Davis/Kelsey Miller:

Defeated Amber/Rachel (G) 8-5

Defeated Chloe/Alexis (G) 6-1

Defeated Katrina/Kaleigh (MC) 8-5

Ashley Rost/Brooklyn T.

Defeated by Chloe/Alexis(G) 5-8

Defeated Tori/Elena (G) 7-6 tiebreaker 7-5

Katelynn Afrank/Hope Craft

Defeated by Sami/Kayla (G) 3-8

Defeated by Tori/Elena (G) 6-1

Lilly Hanson/Skyler Robinson:

Defeated by Sami/Kayla (G) 8-7 tiebreaker

Defeated Elizabeth/Allie (MC) 8-4

Rachel Rost/Lena Kennel:

Defeated by Tori Fornell/Elena Mortiuc (G) 3-8

Defeated Yesenia/Haylea (MC) 8-2

Madison Moore/Sheyanne Janeway:

Defeated Jaycee/Makenna (MC) 6-3

Rachel Rost:

Defeated Haylea Conley (MC) 6-0

Hope Craft:

Defeated by Yesenia Amaya (MC) 6-8

Brooklyn Tronstad:

Defeated Elizabeth (MC) 8-0

Ashley Rost:

Defeated Katrina (MC) 8-2

Kendal Wipperling/Katelynn Afrank:

Defeated Clair/Elena (MC) 8-6

April 18 – Baker (H)

The Baker High School Lady Spartans Tennis team hosted their meet against Miles City on April 18.

Ellen Widell:

Defeated Alissa Lfuke (MC) 6-3 6-2

Defeated Jess Hamlin (MC) 6-4 6-2

Anna Espeland:

Defeated Emily Toennis (MC) 6-4 6-3

Defeated Amanda Bergstad (MC)6-3 6-4

Madison Moore:

Defeated McKenzie Karch 7-6 TB 8-6

Defeated Becca Larson (MC) 6-3 6-2

Haylee Barkley:

Defeated by Skyla Greer(MC) 6-4 6-7 TB 9-11 10-12

Defeated Leia Schmitz(MC) 6-2 6-2

Sam Smith/Pam Tronstad:

Defeated  Samantha Fleming (MC) 6-2 6-3

Defeated Alexa Olsen/Brit Nelson 6-2 7-6 TB 7-3

Sheyanne Janeway/Brooklyn R.

Defeated Taylor Noyes/Kennedy Richtmeyer (MC) 6-2 6-3

Savannah Davis/Kelsey Miller:

Defeated Cailey Cummins/Lainey Buttay (MC) 6-4 6-3

Ashley Rost/Brooklyn Tronstad:

Defeated Jess Bernett/Charlie Smith (MC) 4-6 4-6

April 22-23 – Hardin Invite

The Baker High School Lady Spartans Tennis team’s top 6 singles, and top 3 doubles traveled to the Hardin Invite for their tennis meet on April 22 and April 23.


Anna Espeland:

Defeated Brittany Schaff 7-6 TB 10-8

Ellen Widell:

Defeated by Madison Chavez 6-3 4-6 7-10

Madison Moore:

Defeated by Dshawna Anderson 5-7 3-6

Haylee Barkley:

Defeated Jade Cruse 6-4 6-3

Sam Smith/Pam Tronstad:

Defeated by Maliko Reisig/Katie Murdade 3-6 4-6

Shyeanne Janeway/Brooklyn R.:

Defeated by Imani Kindness/Naumie Dushane 2-6 2-6

Ashley Rost/Brooklyn Tronstad:

Defeated by Maddie Flam/Lisa Cai 2-6 3-6


Anna Espeland:

Defeated by Jessi Hamlen 4-6 3-6

Ellen Widell:

Defeated Jessie Barnett 5-2

Madison Moore:

Defeated  Leia Schrite 6-2 6-2

Haylee Barkley:

Defeated Amanda Bergstad 6-2 6-3

Sam Smith/Pam Tronstad:

Defeated Alex Olsen/Brit Nelson 6-4 6-3

Savannah Davis/Kelsey Miller:

Defeated Kennedy Richtmyer/Becca Carsen 6-3 6-3

Ashley Rost/Brooklyn Tronstad:

Defeated Katie Smith/Taylor Noyes 6-3 7-5


Anna Espeland:

Defeated Blaune Meyer 6-4 6-4

Ellen Widell:

Defeated by Hailey Keller 4-6

Madison Moore:

Defeated by Emma Putnaum 4-6 5-1

Haylee Barkley:

Defeated by Sophia Mascarena 7-6 (7-3) 6-7 (1-7) 6-10

Sam Smith/Pam Tronstad:

Defeated by Molly Putnam/Kenna Adolph 3-6 3-6

Shyeanne Janeway/Brooklyn R.:

Defeated by Gigi Garcia/Gracie Newbury 5-7 6-4 (8-10)

Savannah Davis/Kelsey Miller:

Defeated Sarah Pancratz/Shey Smith 6-3 6-3

Willard Homemakers

By Carol Sparks

Willard Homemakers met for their May meeting with Alice Kay Schweigert as hostess.  Eight members answered roll call with one guest present. The business meeting finalized plans for our summer trip to Miles City and Terry to visit several places including the Evelyn Cameron Gallery.  July 8 was set as a tentative date. Also reviewed was the menu for a graduation reception that the club is helping to host for the Barkley family.  Our summer family picnic will be July 16 at Medicine Rocks State Park at 6:30 p.m.  Spring Council meeting will be in Ekalaka on June 6.

Following the business meeting, a baby shower was held for Cassie and Odell O’Connor. Onsies were decorated for the new little lady, words of advice given, and gifts opened. Alice Kay had the most points of items in her purse and all present believed that! Jeannie Tronstad furnished a beautiful cake for the occasion.

The next formal meeting for the club will be in September.