Commissioner Proceedings

MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017

9:00am CONVENE

PRESENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman, Deb Ranum, Roy Rost, Members; Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk



No one appeared for public comment.

MINUTES APPROVAL FOR WEEK OF APRIL 17-21, 2017. Commissioner Ranum made the motion to approve the Commission Minutes for the week April 17-21, 2017 with corrections. Commissioner Rost seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nay. The motion carried unanimously.

MINUTES APPROVAL OF CLOSED SESSION OF APRIL 17 and APRIL 18, 2017. Commissioner Rost made the motion to approve the Closed Minutes of April 17 and April 18, 2017. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion based on anyone concerned had the opportunity to read them. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nay. The motion carried unanimously.


Commission reviewed board minutes, agendas, e-mails, revenues, letters, and reports.

10:00am Alba Higgins, Shop Foreman, Bobby Wiedmer, Road Supervisor joined the meeting.


Shop Updates- Updates given on equipment repairs and maintenance. Discussion followed on Henke folding v-plows. Wibaux Co. has one that is a couple of years old they would like to sell, as they need a larger one. It would work for the smaller parking lots. The Road Dept. is requesting permission to go and look at it. It has pneumatic wheels and skids, so that the wheels give. Brand new would be over $21,000, the Road Dept. thought perhaps it could be acquired for around half that cost. It would also be a good opportunity to try the Henke V-plows before considering purchasing others for the motor patrol, as they are more versatile.

Road Updates- The bypass Diamond J is working on washed over last week and is running over again this morning.

Discussion followed on availability of gravel and gravel pits.

Discussion then trailed on communication between County Departments and the Commission.

Dialogue on the road into the Gun Range needing built up followed.

10:22am Shannon Hewson, Brosz Engineering joined the meeting.

The fence is not that good at the Gun Range and if it is the County’s it should be taken out to fix the road and then put it back. Decision is to wait until late summer when the Road Dept. has more time.

10:24am Alba left the meeting.

Project Updates- Shannon informed the Commission that Diamond J needs to get some surfacing down to where they are working.

The City Box Culvert Project – Still need to get the last easement paperwork from Hoyt’s.

Also still waiting on SHPO to get back with the Corp. of Engineer.

Contractors have been inquiring about the project. Invites to bid have been sent out.

Close out on Cooper Bridge contract should be soon. Riegers are doing the seeding.

The dewatering plans will be sent to FEMA this week and would like to go out to bid next week. Still waiting on DEQ and Corp. permits, but will need to go out to bid prior to that with the same conditions set as the City Box Culvert Project, otherwise the Dewatering Project will be several weeks behind.

10:39am Shannon and Bobby left the meeting.

10:55am Eric Kary, Golf Course Supervisor; Julie Straub, HRM joined the meeting.


Five applications have been received, interviews will start next Monday. A breakdown of Montana’s average golf course overtime was presented. The Golf Course Supervisor would like written guidelines between the County and the Golf Course Board on how to handle overtime pay on tournament weeks. In order for both entities to know how it will be handled, this would be a written agreement between the two entities.

Dialogue continued on handling the Supervisor’s overtime.

Decision to allow 50 hrs a week and when help is hired and working it would be 40 hrs a week unless something comes up, then a call prior to accumulating any more hours must be made to the Commission requesting permission.

11:09am Todd Griffith, Griffith Steel joined the meeting.

11:10am Julie and Eric left the meeting.


11:19am John Rieger, Circle R Steel joined the meeting.

Trepidations on prevailing wage classifications, proprietary sheet metal, insulation and mechanical seams were discussed in length.

The Commission expressed appreciation for the dialogue and stated the topics will be discussed at the pre-construction meeting when it is held.

11:39am John and Todd left the meeting.



Lani DeBuhr, Fairgrounds Manager, joined the meeting via conference call. The concrete around the manhole in front of the Exhibit Hall has fallen away. The Fairgrounds Manager has been attempting to contact contractors for repair quotes. Commission states they will go over and look at it today.


Commissioner Ranum made the motion to take a noon recess. Commissioner Rost seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nay. The motion carried unanimously.


PRESENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman; Deb Ranum, Roy Rost, Members; Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk


1:15pm Jason Rittal, County Development Advisor joined the meeting via conference call.

Legislative Updates were given.

SB473 – Passed on Saturday and on the Governor’s desk.

Infrastructure Bill – HB645 will be the tool as it has been tied in with HB8 and HB134 School Bill.

Mail Ballot is dead.

HB2 is done.

1:22pm Shane Bettenhausen, Rifle Range joined the meeting.

1:26pm Jason ended the phone call thereby leaving the meeting.

1:28pm Julie Straub, HRM joined the meeting.


Commission asked how many Gun Range Memberships there are. It was stated that there are approxiamately 90.

Requested permission to hire three individuals.

Commissioner Rost made the motion to approve the hiring of three intermittent shooting range attendants. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nay. The motion carried unanimously.

1:32pm Shane left the meeting.

1:33pm Brenda Hoeger, Dispatcher joined the meeting.


Requested permission to hire two part-time positions instead of one full-time. Discussion followed on recruitment and hours. Commission approves advertising for two 24-hour part-time positions.

1:41pm Brenda and Julie left the meeting.

1:43pm Scott Rabbitt, Parks Department joined the meeting.

Presented a list of requests the Parks Dept. has received for the tent and bleachers.

Bump-n-Run Bleacher Request: they usually move the bleachers themselves. Commissioner Ranum voiced concerns on a claim for bleacher repairs and how to track who is responsible for the damages. Scott verified that the damage happened when the Parks Dept. dug them out of the snow bank for the Bulls, Broncs and Barrels event. Commissioner Ranum felt that in the future it would be better if each department to purchase their own bleachers for these specific events if they are borrowing them each year.

Commissioner Ranum inquired into what kind of flag brackets were made. The Parks Dept made six for the light poles that run along the lake so the American Flag can be flown.

Commissioner Rost returned to the topic at hand of the bleachers and asked who is responsible for bringing them back? The Parks Dept will be responsible for the bleacher this time from the Fairgrounds as they are needed for baseball practice that will be starting.

150 tons of infield red ball diamond aggregate is needed. This would be four truck loads to the county fields and two loads to the city fields.

The need to extend the bases another 10 feet back and pitcher’s mound 6 feet is the reason. The Minor’s field is not changing but is needed for the Major’s field.

Commissioner Ranum expressed concern that current projects are not being completed in a timely manner and now the work load is being added upon. Scott stated that within this past month the Rec Dept. had just learned the Babe Ruth league changed the rules and if these changes are not complied with, Baker cannot host any games. This was unforeseen.

Commission approved the purchase.

Seasonal Help- Three individuals were recalled from last year. They have a work release from the school. The others from last year were three college kids and won’t be returning.

Also have applicants for the supervisor position and will try to do all the interviews in the next week.

Scott asked if any of the Commissioners would like to be a part of the hiring process; Commission declined.

2:04pm Scott left the meeting.


Predator Control – Cattle Fee

Discussion on how the predatory control accounts work with sheep vs. cattle and who is accessing the tax and receiving the funds. Commission will get more information from the Dept. of Revenue.

Parkview 1 Renovation

Fire system inclusion to renovation was discussed with no decision being made.

2:33pm Mary Grube, Planner Administrative Assistant joined the meeting.


Growth Policy

The Planner Administrative Assistant handed out the Growth Policy Update. She then clarified that she was on the agenda for May 3rd from 11-Noon. The recording clerk stated yes, as per your request exactly from your e-mail.

Commissioner Ranum asked if Forrest was going to be available. The Planner Administrative Assistant informed the Commission that Forrest stated the Growth Policy is between KLJ and the State and that Fallon County has no say in it. The grant is with KLJ.

Commissioner Rost asked who wrote the appendix. It was written by the Planner Administrative Assistant. On December 16th the rough draft was sent to Forrest, the Planning Board received it Jan. 5th. Good feedback was received from the Planning Board and they felt, with Forrest’s guidance, we could get maps, and an introduction. This is basically just notes from our meetings. It was sent onto Helena without further review by KLJ and was rejected by the State. Forrest did not provide any guidance. The addition by KLJ was appendix B, this was distributed to all the governing bodies and Commissioner Ranum provided feedback, but no one else.

It’s still Growth Policy 2012 with Appendix B. All the maps are the same except one. They took one out and put a new one in.

The Planner Administrative Assistant stated when it had been done before, they showed us redlines and what was taken out and added. I requested information from the Sanitarian on the lake and nothing was received.

Commissioner Baldwin clarified by asking, so what you are saying is he doesn’t want to meet with us? It’s Fallon County’s Growth Policy so I don’t know why we wouldn’t have a voice in it.

Commissioner Rost asked where the Health Dept. information came from. Mary sent to Forrest and he just added it as Appendix C without any changes. It came from the Health Nurse and KLJ just copied the information onto his letterhead.

3:00pm Debbie Wyrick, Deputy Clerk & Recorder; Alba Higgins, Shop Foreman; Margie Losing, FMC CFO; Selena Nelson, Member joined the meeting.

3:02pm Mary left the meeting.


Fallon County is self-funded account. Selena broke down the fees and proposed changes.

Committee recommends taking the 3 year proposal. Change wording to employee plus 1. Proposal to increase premium to $60.00 for a single.

Commissioner Ranum made the motion to go with the Committee recommendation (Option F) for renewal. Commissioner Rost seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nay. The motion carried unanimously.

3:48pm Alba, Debbie, Selena, and Margie left the meeting.


E-mails/Letters, Revenues, Misc.

4:02pm Commissioner Baldwin left the meeting to go to the Fairgrounds.

4:14pm Commissioner Baldwin rejoined the meeting.

4:20pm Commissioner Ranum left the meeting to visit Human Resources.

4:47pm Adjourn

Commissioner Rost made the motion to adjourn. Commissioner Baldwin stepped down from being Chairman and seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 2 Ayes. 1 Absent. The motion carried.


s/Steve Baldwin, Chairman


s/Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk


s/Brenda J. Wood, Clerk and Recorder