Gotta Question

Q: There is a noise ordinance for vehicles and one for using a cell phone while driving in Baker, why are they not enforced?

Answered by Michael Reddick, Chief of Police

A: Law enforcement does enforce both the cell phone law and the noise ordinance but with some rationale to both. Regarding the cell phone we take an approach focused on texting as the concern for driving and cell phone usage really came to light with texting. It has been my past experience in working throughout the state and particularly in the more populated areas that most crashes and/or driving complaints based on cell phone usage were overwhelmingly the result of texting. That’s not to infer that talking on a cell phone can’t result in a crash but the data, both locally and historically, supports a reasonable approach to this. I am hopeful we can maintain this approach. “Don’t text and drive”.

As for noise complaints, we contact individuals and usually provide them a warning on a first time basis. We hope that our initial contact to an individual about a particular noise issue is handled in a positive manner thus solving the problem without further action. Historically, we have been successful in this approach but occasionally we have had to follow up with a citation.